Hello, it’s my first time on the forum.
I have a question and a suggestion.
Someone should add Infinite Flight to the Flight sims category.
Why does the forum look like the Infinite flight community?


Welcome to Mudspike! I’m not sure how many of us here fly Infinite Flight. If I recall correctly, it is a sim for the iPad? I am guessing Mudspike forums look similar to the Infinite Flight community because the software is possibly the same?


Hi and welcome to Mudspike :mudspike:

Thanks for the suggestion!
I think you’re the first one asking for that.
We don’t have a lot of mobile flightsim users here, but maybe enough to warrant a general category…?

And, as @PaulRix says, it’s the same forum software.

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Just by the looks, the official MSFS forum uses the same software too.