Helmet cam Dogfighting in the JA 37 Viggen

English subs for those who don’t Börk.


Ha…when I first started watching that, I thought it was some creative DCS World fan that had edited the video to look 80-ish or something.

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My wife did some translation…she didn’t catch the whole thing but did translate a few calls:

“I’m too close for missiles, switching to guns”
“I’m not liking this Mav”
“I’m going to put on the brakes and let him fly right by”
“YeeHaa! Jester’s dead”
“That’s right I am dangerous…Ice…man”

Hmmm…now that I look at it, I think maybe she just made it up. :thinking:

Actually she did chuckle when the other pilot says something like “All is well/good”


Nah… You think?
BTW, Iceman translates to Ismannen, in Börk.

You did notice the text, right? :wink:

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