HELP avoid fisheye zoom out in DCS planes

i checked some forums and found that i have to edit a .lua file.
to recap

back in the days it was views.lua (not working now)
now you first tick the enable snapviews inside the game DCS settings misc
and then you can go and edit the Snapviews.LUA

problemi is i can’t find a /Saved Games/DCS.<install>/Config/Views/Snapviews.LUA in my pc!

Normal and fisheye zoom

I think you need to create these yourself. You can find originals in C:\Program Files\ED\DCS\Config\View

any changes you make should be put in the saved games folder you referenced earlier. There’s a little readme file in the actual install folder as well.

Hope it helps!


Ty :blush:

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TY @Sryan

Well i messed with the snapviews and the file appeared in my user savegames dcs folder but it’s all messed up!

The problem is that i use a smooth transition from zoom in to zoom out! I don’t use a preset snapview but instead i use the zoom in slow and zoom out slow keys! (Apart not breaking the immersion, i think that’s giving me an advantage too! That way you’ll go trough all the LOD levels and instinctively stop to the one I see the bogey better!) instead of jumping to a zoomed in zoomed out preset!

I see some use a Tir axis to zoom instead of leaning your head back and forth in the cockpit, but i don’t think it’s natural! And that way i can’t lean close to instruments to read them better!

Some other use the TM hotas wharthog axis increase and decrease grey slider as a zoom but using it i would have to leave the throttle (my fingers are long but not too much!) also when i tried it the vision flickered back and forth a little as the axis needed some sort of dead zone…

So… still seeking advice and ideas!
Note i use the same pov on my left thumb in the tm wharthog throttle in 2 other flight sims and also in dcs it works fine apart the fisheye zoomed put picture… if possible i would prefer not to change my habits!

so is there a way to limit the maximum zoom out slow fov?

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There’s a View.lua file in almost every aircraft folder. I believe the CameraViewAngleLimits function controls the maximum FoV (currently 140 degrees for the spitfire). Unfortunatly, tampering with this file will block you from joining most multiplayer servers (integrity check failure) since it could also be used to give yourself super zoom-in. If you do not fly MP it might be worth giving a try.

Yeah i already tried that and guess what?
Not only it will say your client is not ok to play online, but it will also remove the module from your list!
Couldn’t try it offline either.

I wonder if there’s a way to insert that code line in the snapviews.lua in the savedgames. No luck so far in finding documentation on it!

Ps cross posted on dcs forums too! So fat no solution, but if i’ll find something i’ll report it here too!

At least i have solved this problem!

This is a modified server.lua that reduces just a bit the maximum zoom in and the fisheye out for all the warbirds.

put it in
C:\Users\Utente\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config

thanks to @Philstyle from Storm of War