HELP! DCS Stuck in Loading Screen!

DCS 2.(whatever) works fine. Just 1.5.7 gets stuck at 57% on the loading screen until I kill it with the task manager. I uninstalled and reinstalled with same results.

It happened when I relaunched from 2D to VR. (I use 2D for the mission editor and re-check “VR” when I am done. That’s never been a problem before. I would like to try launching in 2D but don’t know how without the settings tab in the GUI.

I have not run into this. I use a shortcut with the --FORCE DISABLE VR flag (not sure if that is the correct format but I can check when I get home). Did you take a look in the DCS log file? (<SAVED_GAMES>/DCS/logs/dcs.log) or something similar?

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paging @SkateZilla.

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=== Log opened UTC 2017-10-05 17:12:04
00000.000 INFO VFS: Using ‘Saved Games’: “C:\Users\Eric\Saved Games”
00000.102 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows/10.0.15063)
00000.102 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 4, threads: 8, System RAM: 16309 MB
00000.108 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:0
00000.111 INFO Dispatcher: 2017/10/5 13:12 V1704040900
00000.259 INFO INPUT: Device [Keyboard] created deviceId = 1
00000.260 INFO INPUT: Device [T-Rudder {F2F16220-F6C3-11e6-8001-444553540000}] created deviceId = 2
00000.260 INFO INPUT: Joystick created[T-Rudder {F2F16220-F6C3-11e6-8001-444553540000}], ForceFeedBack: no
00000.260 INFO INPUT: Device [CH Fighterstick USB {D5943490-DEDC-11e6-8003-444553540000}] created deviceId = 3
00000.260 INFO INPUT: Joystick created[CH Fighterstick USB {D5943490-DEDC-11e6-8003-444553540000}], ForceFeedBack: no
00000.284 INFO INPUT: Device [CH Pro Throttle USB {D5943490-DEDC-11e6-8004-444553540000}] created deviceId = 4
00000.284 INFO INPUT: Joystick created[CH Pro Throttle USB {D5943490-DEDC-11e6-8004-444553540000}], ForceFeedBack: no
00000.285 INFO INPUT: Device [Mouse] created deviceId = 5
00000.288 INFO INPUT: Device [TrackIR] created deviceId = 6
00000.373 INFO SOUND: loaded 1158 sdefs from “sounds\sdef”
00000.392 INFO SOUND: Using driver: xaudio29
00000.399 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: channel layout: Headphones/Stereo
00000.406 INFO SOUND: Found 3 available audio device(s):
00000.406 INFO SOUND: 0: ID: “\?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{a586c3b9-f436-4249-ad9e-9ebfe2f057ca}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}”, Name: “Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)”
00000.406 INFO SOUND: 1: ID: “\?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{977978b6-04e7-4d74-890c-e494b0a14d2c}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}”, Name: “Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)”
00000.406 INFO SOUND: 2: ID: “\?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{c676bfb9-4520-4155-9eda-df1aa8a06258}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}”, Name: “Headphones (Rift Audio)”
00000.406 INFO SOUND: Using SSE FTZ/DAZ mode.
00001.054 INFO Scripting: OBSOLETE mount_vfs_sound_path() used in ./CoreMods/aircraft/AJS37/entry.lua
00001.065 INFO Scripting: OBSOLETE mount_vfs_sound_path() used in ./CoreMods/aircraft/C-101/entry.lua
00001.078 INFO Scripting: PLUGINS START-------------------------------------------------
00001.085 INFO SOUND: loaded 9 sdefs from “.\coremods\aircraft\c-101\sounds\sdef”
00001.095 INFO SOUND: loaded 19 sdefs from “.\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef”
00001.097 INFO SOUND: loaded 10 sdefs from “.\coremods\aircraft\mig-21bis\sounds\sdef”
00001.104 INFO SOUND: loaded 8 sdefs from “.\coremods\aircraft\sa342\sounds\sdef”
00001.116 INFO Scripting: PLUGINS DONE--------------------------------------------------
00001.226 INFO Database: OBSOLETE mount_vfs_sound_path() used in ./CoreMods/aircraft/AJS37/entry.lua
00001.236 INFO Database: OBSOLETE mount_vfs_sound_path() used in ./CoreMods/aircraft/C-101/entry.lua
00001.249 INFO Database: PLUGINS START-------------------------------------------------
00001.256 INFO Database: PLUGINS DONE--------------------------------------------------
00001.345 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Concurrent Creates - 1
00001.345 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Command Lists - 1
00001.353 INFO DX11BACKEND: NVIDIA Display Driver Version 38205.r381_99
00001.353 INFO DX11BACKEND: TRUNK renderer init: showShaderError coreCount=1
00001.453 INFO DX11BACKEND: commonPool: 68-128, cbPool: 5-14, samplerPool: 5-16
00001.453 INFO RENDERER: Global metashader cache enabled
00001.453 INFO RENDERER: Loading metashader cache from C:\Users\Eric\Saved Games\DCS\metashaders/
00001.453 INFO RENDERER: Metashader cache: 0 (0) cached shaders out of date
00001.469 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache Bazar/shaders/fxo : 1526
00002.393 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done
00002.393 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache C:\Users\Eric\Saved Games\DCS\fxo : 34
00002.405 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done
00002.421 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::CreateSurfaceRenderItem()
00002.840 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: rendertarget ‘rtDynamicCloudMap’ not found
00002.841 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::CreateSurfaceRenderItem()
00002.848 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture ‘’ not found
00002.858 INFO DCS: gDescription: “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080” gVendorId: 4318 gDeviceId: 7040 gMemory: 8110 MB
00002.866 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Destruction shape not found AVIASHTAB_CRASH
00003.104 INFO wInfo: multiple adapters
00003.184 WARNING LOG: 1 duplicate message(s) skipped.
00003.184 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::lSystem
00003.199 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:1

Figured it out. Thanks. Just deleted the DCS folder. (Nuclear Option)

Good that it is working :slight_smile:

the game folder or saved games folder?

Saved games. Not DCS alpha. Nor DCS beta. The new 3rd DCS that’s been added to lessen confusion. :slight_smile:

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Happened again. And again at 57%. I’ve loaded several times today with no issues. I have made no changes. I didn’t even look at any files within any DCS folders. All I did on the session before the stuck screen was record and review a track.

[Edit] Solved again…

This time instead of deleting the entire saved games/DCS/ folder I deleted only the Mission Editor folder and restarted successfully.

Here’s the log entry that made me do this after the failed start…

00040.834 ALERT Dispatcher: Error starting Mission editor: [string “./MissionEditor/modules/me_aircraft.lua”]:183: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

Odd. That is not something that should change unless it has to do with a patch. Lua suddenly being unable to parse that file after a number of times of having no issue seems odd. Not having any other hard drive issues?

I will take a look at that file when I get home tomorrow.

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Mods can cause the above error

No mods except various planes. The F-5 being the most recent.