Help mounting VPC T-50 stick base

A few days ago, I received my T-50CM2 base, grip and S-curve extension to replace my T.16000M stick.

This stick is meant to be mounted to some sort of virtual cockpit ot a desk clamp. I planned to build a basic removable frame to put around my desk seat using some left over aluminium profiles from work.
It looks like my first minimalistic attempt is not too rigid, and when the space becomes available, I will probably build something more akin to the Simbox.

But more importantly, I have trouble getting the base to properly clamp around anything. Right now, I used 4 aluminium corner pieces to create a surface that seems to be both wide and thick enough. However, there is significant movement of the base when I pitch the stick.

How do you do this? What is wrong with this setup?

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EDIT: added pics, tagged fellow curve lovers with hard joysticks.
EDIT2: here’s a picture of the new stick next to my old one


I could find this post by Troll. He seems to clamp it with the screws from one side, and just the plate on the other side, whereas for me it is clamped only by screws. Maybe that is the problem.

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Okay, I am now going to move the aluminium plates apart so that I can just slide the T-50 U-clamp around them with a mm or so to spare. Then when I tighten only the screws at the top of the U-clamp, and leave the ones at the bottom out, it should be much more sturdy.

Already much better.
The screws are necessary on both sides, but not having them stick out the full distance seems to make it sturdier

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You found the solution!
The object that the U clamp…clamps around, must be thicker or else the screws will be subjected to the torque from the pitching moment.
The best option is to move the L beams closer to the max thickness of the U clamp, and perhaps put something in between them to pick up the clamping force. But the L beams look like they can take it.
Making small dimples, with a drill, in the L beams for the screws to dig into will also help securing the base.


Thanks, I will put some dents for the screws in the L-pieces!
Just had a wonderful first flight with this setup in the Dewoitine D.520 in X-Plane.
Having such a huge throw really changes the experience, especially in VR. Looking forward to DCS mappings without modifiers!


Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe stick kerel! Good to read you got the mounting sorted, may it last you a lifetime.