Help needed with Thrustmaster T16000M

I just got one of these (stick and throttle, no pedals) and it’s giving me…trouble. What’s the best place to ask for help with the thing? Here?


Sure - what kind of trouble? I don’t own one of those, but people here are usually willing to help if possible.

Calling @Gunnyhighway

Okay then.

I have everything connected as required, best I can tell. When I go into the Thrustmaster Target Control Panel to test connectivity, I can see all the axes and all the buttons on both the stick and throttle test fine, no problem. I then open up the Target Command GUI, and it shows the stick and the throttle both connected. But…

If I load a profile (I only have the one so far, and it has events for both the throttle and the stick in it) and click on Edit, and go on to the page where you create events for the buttons. Now when I click Run Configuration and click on Device Analyzer, none of the axes or buttons from the stick show up. At the same time the throttle behaves perfectly. The page does say Thrustmaster Combined (and NOT just the throttle) at the top.

If I run the Event Tester, again, all the buttons from the throttle behave as advertised, but nothing shows up from the stick.

Same deal with the Joystick Tester. Throttle just fine, joystick utterly absent.

So does it sound like something I’m doing wrong? I’m completely stumped at this point.

I should add that I’m a lifelong CH guy making my first foray into the Thrustmaster world following CH’s extinction, and I have to say this is not encouraging. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry no help from me here, I havent ever used target profiles. The 16000M is a great setup though!

Maybe someone here who is knowledgeable with TARGET.

Sorry that I can’t help either, but CH gone? Last I checked they’re still offering their stuff.

Hi @Woxof, I also own the T16000M stick and throttle, but also haven’t used TARGET with it.

I looked at it once, but when I realized that bundling stick and throttle in one virtual device/unit would make me lose an axis, I decided to just set them up individually. Works wonders just like that without TARGET in DCS and X-Plane.

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@Woxof I’m in the same boat as the others who replied.
When I first got my stick, throttle and pedals I tried to use target and had nothing but connection issues and drop outs.
switched to just setting it all up individually and its never once been a problem.
you have a fantastic set up there. I love mine.

Same here.
I have the stick and another family member has the stick and throttle.
Great hardware, but we both don’t use the TARGET software.

Neither do I…but that subtracts from the setup. For example, as you all well know, on the TM WH the flaps and AP switches are 3 position switches but only if you use TARGET. Likewise other switches are two position switches only if you use TARGET - otherwise they are 1 click switches - i.e. click up it turns on, to turn off, click down and up again. I’ve been thinking about going back to TARGET but after hearing this…probably not.

I’m both astonished and appalled to hear this. I love the hardware – very comfortable and easy to use. I even found the software to be tedious, but potentially very powerful, and once familiar, not at all difficult. I hate to think I can’t use it as intended because it has widely recognized buggy behavior that, after all these years, Thrustmaster has never bothered to fix.

Is there no one in the entire Mudspike universe who uses the Target software and is happy with it?

I used a T1600M setup while convalescing from ankle surgery, because it has rudder control on the throttle. Prefer this over twisting joystick. I didn’t have any trouble using TARGET, either building from scratch or modifying an existing Warthog profile. This almost sounds like a driver issue. Does everything work fine in DCS without TARGET?

I used to always use TARGET to have portability between DCS versions. But lately, like with the Tomcat, native support for the Warthog has been so good, I’ve begun configuring without it. Saves loading one more application before loading DCS. The list is long to begin with (TrackIR, VoiceAttack, RSS, Discord, SteamVR, etc).

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Chipwich, you nailed it.

It comes down to me being a Thrustmaster noob, I guess. I thought when I installed the Unified Drivers I got from the throttle page, that meant I was installing ALL the drivers my TM gear would need. Hence, Unified. But nope, not so much.

Once I installed the driver package from the stick page, all was well.

Obviously, Unified refers to being used with all the likely versions of Windows – 7, 8 and 10.

Thanks much, guys. Although I do have both the throttle and stick working with Target now, you’ve given me a lot to think about.