Help. Real world ground handling

A pal of mine involved in the Northern Ireland Aviation Museum has a Spitfire, or at least the museum does. He has asked me if I have a picture of the towing/ground handling arm. I don’t.

I have sent a video of a Spit being towed by a tug but that is not what he needs. Something more like the bar you insert an early war birds skid into and then tug around by hand. Many happy memories of doing just that with Tiger Moths but have no photos of one.

Can anyone assist please?


Yes I know what you mean.

Bear with me

Thats the lanc one but it’s exactly the same scaled down

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I think I know what your talking about, lemme dig back through my photos and see what I can find. I’m away from the computer currently so it may be a bit later.

Edit: Like this? These are all fancier then what we had but similar.

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