Help with HARM Please

I’ve spent an hour going back and forth to YouTube and DCS. I cant get the HARM away. The countdown timer on the WPN page is not … counting. I’ve Gone to A2G, SMS Pwr on missile.
I the turn on the WPN page and get nothing. I’m doing an Air start.
Please help

What mode are you in? One of the HARM modes doesn’t have a countdown if i remember right

You can either use Harm as Sensor (HAS) or a Position mode (the later if you have a steerpoint or SPE over the target area). For HAS there is no timer, since you have to point at any emission and lock it, using the cursor in the weapon page. That won’t show you a timer. (It’s the red box screen).

If you go to POS (green line screen) instead of HAS you’ll get three Submodes. PB, EOM and RUK. They are all the same logic, with different types of precision. The most precise won’t need to deviate much from the Steerpoint so they can be shot from further away, the less precise will need extra energy to find targets further from the Steerpoint and will need to be shot from closer range. Those will give you the timer in relation with the steerpoint.

PB - Very far away, high range, high altitude shot, will give you a good loft angle cue (it’s distance calculation is so extreme that you need to loft in order to get the shoot cue).
EOM - Very precise can expend all it’s energy maneuvering. So you can shoot it from closer (down low while evading, off boresight, you can get close and just do a crappy shot, the missile will maneuver to the taget, but after it get’s there, you better have the waypoint very close because the missile will have low energy. Usually good for use with a TGP SPE, since you have it dead on.
RUK - If you really don’t know where a TGT is. The missile will look for emmiters on a 20nM radius from the Steerpoint, so it will need to be high and high energy, and with it’s sensor on the widest and weakest FOV, but can help you deal with pop up threats or just making the enemy reveal it’s positions.


Also make sure you don’t have four HARMs equipped… Two of them aren’t connected to anything as per ED’s latest update.


Im so angry now. Going to bed. ■■■■ it.
Im beginning to think im too stupid for this

Post a video or a track. There’s probably some small thing you are missing.

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There’s no countdown for air starts… the HARMs should already be good to go.


Maybe then the GR videos are old. I see a countdown when they are airborne and go to the wpn page.
I tried all modes now. Something is not right. When in POS, I get no number below or above the green line. Yes Master Arm is on.
On the videos below I see either Countdown timer in HAS or Numbers below the green line in POS.

Thanks for your support

Have not touched DCS in months but trying the default instant action SEAD mission… put the WPN page in HAS mode and then change the table to the SAM type so the correct number is listed on the left hand side then see if it picks it up so you can lock it.
Mission has 4 HARMs loaded still (and needs to be redone) but only 3/7 can be selected so no issues auto firing both.

SO ridiculous was I. Wrong Pylons! I was putting the missiles on the wrong place. That is why I had no indicators. Because the missiles had no power.

Thank You for putting up with me guys.

At least I became decent at avoiding them now… LOL


I’m gonna ask this here since it seems appropriate. Anyone having trouble with HARMs and Hawk sites on the Viper? I could not get the Viper to see a Hawk site on multiple tries. Yes I confirmed that I had a right table and that it was activated. I loaded up the Hornet and was able to see it and hit it easily.

Check radar codes for HAWK. There is the Search Radar (203), a CW (206) radar and the tracking radar (TR; 204) Of the three the TR radar is the one you want to hit - Use code 204 and delete/replace the other two (all 3 display as HK so it can confuse things) then use any POS mode, select HK and you should be good.


I made that mistake too even though I read about it.
I realized after getting airborne with 4 HARMS on my way to the target… ED should really remove that option all together.

Other than that HARMS are a breeze to use. I’m just waiting for the IADS to be a standard part of DCS. It’s too easy now to take out a Sam site.

For @Andrew116, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Under Instant Action Missions, there is a Nevada Map mission called “HARM on the Range vs WEST SAMs” that includes going up against a HAWK site. There mission tells you to load all three HAWK radars into the HARM threat tables, but loading just the TR is fine. The mission also allows you to land and reload. It is a fun-enough mission if I may say so myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Yeah, “HARM on the Range” is a bit corny…for my European neighbors, “Home on the Range” is an old US Western song we used to sing in elementary school.)


Have they updated the mission since they removed the ability to fire harms from station 4 and 6? The original version of the mission had 3? sams (SA2, 6 and SA10?)

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Yeah…the answer to that would be No. Thanks for reminding me. (scribble, scribble on my to do list.)

There is a FA-18C missions with Russian SAMs and the Hornet can employ 4.

Stay tuned.


@Hangar200 You work for the big guy? (ED) :slight_smile:

I am a Creative Consultant…that could mean many things…from mission design to picking out new curtains for the ED break room.

If you must know details…a pastel floral pattern that complements with the light wood nouveau modern tables and chairs they purchased from IKEA.