Here’s a conversation piece for your livingroom, Bogusheadbox.

How’bout we convert it into a sim, @Bogusheadbox


Heaven in a box! meeting with bank manager must happen me thinks


Superb find but damn selling for US $46,500.00 but its in immaculate condition…

All the fun it could be plugged in to a home sim with co-pilot :wink:

I think I’d actually take quite a bit to “plug it in” a normal PC :slight_smile:


Yes a bit expensive, however Free Shipping! For something that big the shipping would be huge. If you are in the US (probably CONUS) that makes this a great deal.

Outside the US… the way eBay works is the item is shipped to the eBay Global Shipping Center (in Kentucky) for free. At that point, eBay takes over and figures international shipping and and all import charges (duties, taxes, fees, etc.) dependent on the country it is going to and adds that to the invoice you receive. So probably quite a bit more, however you pay eBay and they take care of the rest for you.

Its so pretty. mach 2 funsies

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My wife, an eBay guru, has this on “watch”, meaning we can see how the bidding is going. (I’ll have her check it today)

For @Bogusheadbox, how high you are willing to go for “mach 2 funsies”? After all, “everybody has a second mortgage these days.”

@Hangar200. My kids don’t need an education