Here we go again SU25T

Ok so am trying to do a few practice landings and as you may know have had a few successes after I got my Mission Editor sorted. Now a couple of questions. This aircraft refuses to slow down by conventional means Brake, Flaps, Gear but by cutting engines I have been quite successful , however I am making one up for Sachi , and some idiot has put some power lines up at the beginning of the runway. Unfortunately for me I found out that by cutting power I cannot deploy the chute ?. Also in the config of the mission there is a box that I cannot reduce the speed less than 245knts ? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I’m not really familiar with any of the flaming cliffs jets but since it’s russian I’d guess it’s 245km/h and not 245kn which is actually very slow for a jet. And yes, you’ll have to cut power to slow down but once you have your gear and flaps down and are “on speed” (AoA)* you will have to add power to stay in the air.

To use an example I am familiar with: In the MiG-21 you approach at around 340km/h and touch down at 270-300km/h, depending on weight (again fly the AoA, not a specific speed). This is of course quite a bit faster than what you’ll see in the Su-25T but 245km/h sounds about right for the Su-25T

*Military aircraft are usually referencing AoA for landing which will automatically put you on the correct speed for landing regardless of weight. When you have the correct AoA for landing you are “on speed”.


I would whole-heartily suggest this guy’s videos on DCS. He has a whole series of videos on flying in the sim including a whole playlist on the DCS Su-25. This particular video is on the landing of the aircraft but again, he has a whole playlist on the aircraft. Hope this helps.


Thanks Bravo will check this guys videos out. ( I think like all newbies I’m a bit impatient ).

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