Hey, Gunsmiths

How hard is it to install your own trigger kit? Apex Tactical makes one for the S&W SD9VE that claims to take that awful trigger pull and turn it into something far more utilitarian. They have videos on their website, so it looks fairly straightforward, but I was wondering if anyone here has replaced a trigger on a firearm and knew how hard it is.

Piece of cake. Did it on my 9 and .45 first gen M&Ps. Can’t comment on the SD9VE, but most gunsmithing that I have tried is not difficult.

Pretty straightforward with the right tools. They usually have instructions for this sort of thing as well as across the web. I’d take a look around and get some idea of what it entails then decide if you want to do it.

I guarantee it’s not nearly as involved as a M1 trigger group.

Assuming it’s based on S&W’s current trigger group assembly that the M&P and Shield are part of, pretty simple. A pin or two and you’re done. I’m a certified S&W Armorer on the M&P and Shield for work (LE firearms instructor), and they are honestly easier to work on then Glocks. In the last 17 years or so that I’ve been involved in this stuff, I’ve worked on a lot of triggers in a lot of guns, and modern striker fired pistols are some of the simplest to replace out there.

So, I did the trigger job on the S&W, and it came out really well. Cut the trigger pull from a little over nine pounds to just a hair under five. I was really happy.


Glad it went well for yeah!

Thanks. I just followed Apex Tactical’s videos. Had a mild heart attack when I realized my SD wasn’t exactly the same as theirs. Mine didn’t didn’t have the magazine safety.