Hey Mudspike! We're the Alert 5 Podcast!

The Alert 5 Podcast is a new podcast by three community members, Tricker, Sport, and Dut, who are not only passionate combat flight simmers, but also real-life professional pilots, who want to be able to bring up-to-date DCS, IL2, and other Combat Flight Sim news to the community, but also wanted to connect the community with the developers through in-depth interviews about ongoing development and upcoming modules.

So far, we’ve had some GREAT interviews with the Community A-4E Devs, as well as the guys from Heatblur talking about the F-14. We’re still growing and are looking for community involvement, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover on the show, feel free to email us at [email protected]

We’re currently looking at bi-weekly releases and you can catch the Alert 5 Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, and on Podbean: https://alert5podcast.podbean.com/

We hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to being a part of your community!


Thanks for the heads-up. Will definitely give your podcast a try, and best of luck.

Been listening to you for a while and it sounds like you’re getting into your stride. Keep up the good work!

Nice stuff!
I’ll give it a listen ASAP!

EDIT: And welcome here too!

Welcome and good luck! I’ll try out the podcast on Spotify.

Welcome to the site. :sunglasses:


Welcome aboard boys! I do like your podcast, keep em coming !

hey boys, good podcast there.

One question / wish from my side.

Could there be an option to download your episodes in plain mp3 format so one dont need any special app to listen to download it ? thx

Good luck !



I’d like to second this request.

When I hit the ‘Download’ link under the player it takes me to a page that gives me an .mp3 file - is that different for you (I’m using Chrome on OSX)?

When I hit the exact same ’ Download ’ link on Android it redirects me to do download and instal of Podbean app first.

I gues you probably dont need it to listen to it but certainly you need app to download it.

…and… I dont like apps :slight_smile:

On Chrome Mobile Android click the three vertical dots on the top right next to the tabs number icon and tick ‘Desktop site’ and it’ll refresh the page and offer you the straight .mp3 link behind the Download button.

Let me try…

Did it, it refreshed the site to desktop look n feel but the Download link unfortunately still does not cooperate, still redirects me to app page.

Btw didnt know that Chrome Mobile can force ’ desktop site ', thats great n handy, thx ! :slight_smile:

Try the ‘desktop site’ toggle when on the page that is asking you to download the app - I tried that on an Android phone originally and it worked fine.

Sure ! :blush: Works ’ as advertised ’ now. thx fearles

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hey @Alert5Podcast, in next episode pls include interview with @fearlessfrog. He is doing here for you great user suport :wink:

Haha, I’ll be sure to add him to the payroll! Thanks @fearlessfrog!!


Cough cough, Phantom.

Very much enjoyed Scramble 03. Fascinating inside look a Jester and Iceman AI.

Keep up the great work fellas.