Hey..my screen won the Reddit /r/flightsim screenshot contest!


Congrats, nice shot! Especially impressive that it’s Xplane :thumbsup:

It is a nice shot :+1:

But doesn’t the fact that you entered it constitute cheating?

@BeachAV8R entering a screenshot contest is like a i7 entering a calculus exam.


LOL…actually, I think the second one was better…the beautiful Do-228…


Awesome shots!
Gongratulations on the first price!
Guess rounds are on you tonight then… :wink:

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Looks touched up tbh

I don’t think so - probably Active Sky and that Do-228 from Carenado is really a beautiful model with some nice reflections.

Congrats - I saw you won that.

But then we know how good you are at the screenshots game given the great shots you include in your articles. :+1:

It’s getting tough to claim points for any composition…P3D v3 has me spoiled now…combined with Active Sky it’s almost impossible to take a bad screen these days. It’s amazing how far sims have come…


Congrats it’s a great shot!

Congratulation Beach!!!
Beautiful shots, ugly Dornier. That 1080 must be worth its weight in gold now.

I have to admit…I’m liking X-Plane at the resolution and object density I’m running at. I cannot wait to see what FlyInside does with X-Plane…


Are you landing like, right next to the thing that is being busy with turning itself into a post-combustible heap of ashes?

He’s rising from the ashes!

That’s actually the Huey that is turning into ashes…LOL…guess the LZ was “hot” so to speak…

Haha I guess that’s DCS’ particle system for you!

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@BeachAV8R, you forgot to include the link to the SECOND reddit competition you won with that Huey photo.

Congrats again!


LOL…I was actually just posting that big pic so that I could send it to @RealWireLine that requested it. I was trying to be low key… :smiley: