Hi, another new member!


Wow that is fantastic! You know what you are doing, that’s for sure!

Post all you want, we love looking at pictures here… and most of them are taken with a cellphone :smile:


Stay longer, next time! :slight_smile:


Pictures …


Those are GREAT pics.


You have fjords, northern lights and a flying Starfighter, so yes it’s on my (re)do-list :smiley:


Well then, here’s another batch! :smile:

Soon this old lady will be flying again:

Epic airshow in Moscow, this was loud:

Speaking of loud …

Switzerland has pretty amazing airbases:

The ground-pounder 2000D:


Simply amazing- you have a great eye for pictures and probably tools to match! Amazing…


Don’t forget midnight sun and the north cape. Plus you know a guy who will let you go flying on the cockpit jumpseat… :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah I eventually got the good tools to do the job (only for the price of one kidney, bargain! *whimper* :dizzy_face:).
The good thing is that both digital photography and hardcore combat simulators have the same PC-specs requirements :smile:




Man, that photo of the German F-4. :heart_eyes:



Those are amazing shots! Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you get around too when visiting airshows!


Those photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing them!


Thanks! Most of the times the airshow is one more reason to travel abroad :wink: