Hi, another new member!

Hi everyone,

A bit of a long time lurker here, I really enjoy this community so I decided to leave the shadows and introduce myself :blush:.

I’m French, I’ve been simming for around 15 years (yikes!), spent hundreds of hours on Jane’s F-18 (did some work modding it) then switched to Lock-On, FC and now DCS.
I fly the Mirage 2000C (well *cough* … :fr: :grin:) and cannot wait to get back into a Hornet cockpit :vr:.

I’m also a hardcore photography enthusiast, mainly into aviation and landscapes.

So, guys, here I am :slightly_smiling_face:


Bienvenue parmis nous, Nef! Good to see you here.

Glad to have you. We have quite the international mix here…so you’ll feel right at home-ish…

Welcome aboard! Great to have another Mirage and Hornet aficionado here!

Bonjour, Nef are you from the 229th?


Welcome aboard!!

I’m afraid not. I’ve only been part of virtual french squadrons or played solo.

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I know virtually no French, so apologies in advance- but WELCOME! I hope you’ll find a group of like-minded people.

Also, don’t do like me and instead drop anytime in our TeamSpeak we all like new people! :smiley:

I used to ace French tests in school, but I have forgotten almost all of it. C’est dommage. Alors, bienvenue a vous Nef, you will fit right into our little corner of the interwebs :slight_smile:


Nice! Anything you want to show us fellow aviation fans here? :wink:

Welcome to the forum! I am sure you’ll enjoy yourself!

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Oddly enough, Beach just installed this Baguette machine …


Artisan baguettes no less!



Well, you know @BeachAV8R loves quality…

Welcome, @Nef! Good to see you here!

Thanks guys for the warm welcome!

NOW we are talking :grin:

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So raw flour dumped on the top of an otherwise normal baguette, check.

By that metric I guess I have an artisanal counter in my kitchen then.

Sure, here’s a quick pick :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s rare to see a Rata fly, this one is located in Madrid:

During a short trip to Sweden and Norway (@Troll :wink:):

Sorry, I had to. :fr:

Sadly no :f111: (sorry @Bogusheadbox), but did I mention that I’m also a big phan of the Rhinos? :hugs:

Soon :drooling_face:

I’ve got a ton of other pics (some with red stars inside) if you’re interested :wink:


Amazing shots! :smiley: I even forgive you for the Rafale! (Just kidding of course! :stuck_out_tongue:)

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holy mother of god! those are amazing! thanks mang!


Baguette FTW :grinning: