Hint of a Future Logitech Joystick/HOTAS, maybe?

I got this in the mail last week. (The “G” they are referring to are the force feedback G940s I once owned.) Is this a hint of a future product or does Logi make these solicitations all the time?

Hi there,

We’re reaching out to you because you’ve purchased a Logitech G HOTAS and wanted to check in if you’d like to participate in our research study where we’d chat with you about your experience with flight sim games! Details below:

  • Duration - 75 minute session (remote study - need webcam)
  • Dates - Flexible schedule (M-F, based on your availability in the next 1-2 weeks)
  • Incentive - $150 Amazon gift card

If you’re interested, please respond to the following:

  • Flight stick you own and use
  • Do you configure your flight stick in-game or in the software?
  • Avg hour(s) you play Flight Sim in a week
  • Flight Sim games you play
  • Name & Phone number (we may have a quick chat prior to selection)
  • Preferred date/times (if any) + Timezone


Logitech Consumer Insights Research Team


Ask them if they’d like additional input - I’d be happy to take a $150 Amazon Gift card off their hands!


Yeah, I used my G940 until last year.

I’d still be using it if the stupid grip on the stick hadn’t turned to melted rubber. My fingerprints are easily visible on the thing and i coated it with gauze (!) to keep my hand from sticking to it, but it didn’t work that well.

Whatever that rubberized plastic they used on it held up for many years but then became more like tar.

I might have bought a new one if they’d kept making them, or at least made a successor. Instead I got the X-56, which is also theirs now, but I do miss the FFB a lot.

I don’t think they do them very often, but it’s good to see. They will probably use that 75 mins fully and want to watch how you use and set up things. It might be interesting, as it’s not like we don’t chat about flight sims anyway and no-one gives us $150 :clown_face:. In these research sessions they can be a bit dry, as they sort of do the ophthalmologists thing of ‘Is this better or is this better or is this better?’ a lot.

If you tell them joysticks suck and VR touch is the future in the pre-call then they’ll likely not bother… :wink:

That’s true!

But no. If they follow through and we can get a time I’ll provide some honest feedback. I am actually quite happy with the X-56. The only improvement over it might be throttles that didn’t move on their own without lots of tension. Otherwise, FFB maybe?

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FFB will hopefully make a return now that the patent has expired.


I still have my G940 and really like it.
I had to do some modifications (I removed all the sticky rubber on the stick, and rewired the throttle inside) and the rudders broke at some point so I got some from Saitek, but the FFB is still hood, the HOTAS is precise enough for everything, and the software is… well… it is OK once you learn about its quirks, just like the one from Thrustmaster.

I was really looking forward to getting a G940 but there was tons of negative feedback and by the time I had the money they had quit selling them.


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I want it! Actually, what I want is force sensing up to about a pound and displacement sensing after that. Nothing could touch it. Logitech took over the X-56, promised to fix its many flaws and delivered. So who knows. They might surprise us.


I can see them releasing a new one; space sims are hot right now and driving new waves of adopters.

Citation: Vripil selling out of new waves of product in seconds after restock.

I like my G940. Scrapped the plastic gunk as soon as I bought it (found an old stock unit unused last year). The pedals are already done for. I tried fixing the electronics but the pots are in really bad shape. The throttle works well. The stick has a weird dead spot where the FFB spring is not active but the inputs still register. It’s hard to program a software deadzone that deals with it, because it’s quite a big one. Anyways, when it works its quite cool.

I have a weird bug that happens when I press some of the buttons and some others will stop working. It happens inside DCS, but it stays broken after I close DCS - I need to do a full restart. This is driving me crazy, though…

I would gues that the “G” means their GAMING division