Historic Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Australia - WW2, Pre-WW2, & its own cemetery!

Come with me to visit historic Archerfield airfield just outside Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, once the main airfield for Brisbane, now its main GA airfield. Learn about its WW2 and pre-WW2 history, and about some of the famous people who have passed through it. Also, enjoy a tour of Brisbane city center and the famous Gold Coast just south of Brisbane. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.


I lived in Brisbane for seven years when I was a lad and young teen. My parents currently live less than 3km from Archerfield.

Public High School students in Australia customarily did one or two weeks ‘work experience’ when they were in Year 10. I didn’t know what I wanted as a career, but liked aircraft so did two weeks at a maintenance hangar at Archerfield.

The weekend before I started in 1993 there was a Planes, Trains and Automobile ‘race’ from the Mall in Townsville to the Mall in the Brisbane CBD. It was won by a RAAF F-111 crew, but one of the other aircraft that participated was sitting in the hangar when I arrived on Monday morning… a P-51 Mustang :star_struck:

I wish I could say that I had a joy flight but I did get to sit in the pilots seat for a while (if I promised not to touch anything) and then behind the pilot while he taxied out to the runway and back.

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Hey Harry, glad it brought back such lovely memories! Cheers.

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