Historic Aviation Ministry of Information

I enjoy watching historical aircraft documentaries, but they often don’t quite fit into the civil, NATO, or Russian threads. So I’ve started a new one specifically for these. I’m thinking this thread should be for pre jet era aircraft, though if the powers that be disagree then I’m sure this thread could be merged with one of the others.

Anyway, I saw one of these starting up and taking off from North Weald airfield earlier in the summer. The sound was incredible, and I swear it rattled the cups in their saucers when he did a fast low pass after takeoff :grin:. Enjoy:


If you were there…I was not far from you…airshow meetup next year!!



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Nice find Havlok. Hadn’t seen that one.


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Good thread ! :+1:

Aand talking Fury, this one has great views


A little something from the States. I love the fact that you “must not take off without reviewing forms 1, 1A, and 1-1-40” :scream:


I found this to be interesting. The 262 really was cutting edge, and it’s weird seeing old school WW2 design philosophy on a jet. Also interesting to see that the pilot is only allowed to touch the master switch, all the others being handled by the mechanics.