Sadly, for me anyway, this once great resource for WW2 history is no longer online. The website had several flash player animations for quite a few key battles of WW2. And therein lay the rub, even the Internet Archive version of the site is no longer able to play those videos because Flash player animations are being blocked since Flash Player has reached it EoL.


One of the Flash Player videos that I remember quite well was a really nice animation of the Doolittle Raid but since the site is no longer available on the live web the option to see it there is no longer available. :frowning:

However, the animation was saved at the Internet Archive several times but now those saves no longer work due to Flash Player being blocked. Once again I have a :frowning:

My question/s for you "Is there a workaround for this block AND is it possible to download the file and save it in a different format so this issue does not arise in the future?

Now the most important part, The Internet Archive link.



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I think you should be able to install a flash player on an old system (for example on a virtual machine) and play the file locally.