HMD travel case

So I was looking for a relatively compact, hard shell travel case for my HP Reverb because I was pretty uncomfortable just throwing it in my backpack. I was worried about lens scratches and/or the headphones getting broken off. With my new MSI laptop I plan to take my HMD with me more, so I figured I should fine a solution. After doing some research (cough - hours) I ended up ordering a Hermitshell Rift-S case for my Reverb.

Now, the Rift-S sort of went the way of WMR headsets with the halo type design, so this case has a bit of a bulge to it where the top of the headset won’t get crushed when you close the lid. Since I still have an Odyssey + that I might also want to throw in there, I wanted to get something large enough to accommodate that. But also, the Rift controllers are a lot smaller than WMR controllers, so I wanted a case that would allow for me to also put the controllers in there since the controller rings are also susceptible to getting cracked in transport.

I was pretty pleased with the end result. I place a very soft cotton cloth in the eye box of the Reverb to ensure nothing can get in there to scratch the lenses. Then I coil the ridiculously stiff cable and set it within the headset. Finally, the two WMR controllers (actually I’m using the O+ controllers instead of the stock Reverb ones) go under in back of the headset and one in the center under the coiled cable. You could probably also fit a set AA batteries in a case and the charger if you really wanted to make some room. The whole thing is snug, the headset doesn’t move, and the construction of the case seems pretty durable. It is a hard shell, with just a slight bit of give.

My O+ also fits in it, although the width of the O+ with the integrated headphones is right at the margins of what would fit in the case (the outer points of the headphone attachments are touching the sides of the inside of the case).

Inside dimensions are about 12" long by 8" wide. Depth at the “shallow end” of the case is about 5" and the “deep end” about 6 1/2". Outside case dimensions are about 7 1/4" deep, 13" long if you include the handle, and about 9 1/2" wide. In simple terms, it is about the size of a shoebox.


Now that’s a Real Manly Murse


Now we just need a Mudspiker to come up with a viable backpack PC :grimacing:

So that case will fit a Rift S with controllers?

Yes, it will. If you have an HMD with external sensors I’m not sure that they would fit in there too though…

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