HMS QE Springs a Leak

Looks like it’s minor. Moreover, I’m glad the UK got their power projection from sea back.

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Have the aircraft actually arrived yet? Hard to project power without them :grin:

A source has told Forces News that a high-pressure salt water pipe burst, letting more than 200 tonnes of water into the ship.

That’s around 55,000 gallons (American) of water. Barely ‘minor’, especially since it apparently buckled a ladderwell and split some hull plates. Wondering if it was firemain, AC&R cooling, or just circ water for the gas turbine mains or diesel auxiliaries -any of those are varying shades of a very bad day.


More likely one of the airwing aviators taking a shower…those guys never take a proper Navy shower. :grin:


Don’t EVEN get me started on airedales screwing it up for everybody with regards to water…


airedales? What’s that?

A type of dog.

But @Navynuke99 uses it as a… slightly derogatory term to describe air crew on a carrier. A play on words because aire is pronounced like air.


Now I get it! :laughing:

Exactly. Because ‘Skittle’ misses some folks. :slight_smile:


On USS GUAM, they took a Marine LCPL to Mast (Non-Judicial Punishment) for taking a 10 minute shower. Found guilty and fined ½ month’s salary for 3 months. The CO did the math to let Marine know how many dollars per minute that shower had cost him…

Then there was the time Midn 3/c Hangar200 was assigned to the B4 engine room on USS WAINWRIGHT CG-28 was making his messenger of the watch hourly rounds recording all the various pressures, temperatures and amounts…and forgot to reinsert the retaining pin in the automatic flush valve for the main evaporator…causing it to do a fresh water flush…not detected for two hours…and put the entire ship on water hours for a couple of days…in the Med…in the summer…but that is better left unmentioned and forgotten.:grimacing:


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