Hollo Pointe April Fly-In Missions

For the Mudspike April 2016 Fly-In, DCS version 1.5 missions will be running on the Hollo Pointe server. The mission briefings are attached and requests will be honored. Many a/c types are available, as are Combined Arms – read the briefings here and chat on the Mudspike TS Hollo Pointe channel.

The next post will list all the briefings in a text file format.

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The Hollo Pointe complete missions list – in no particular order :sunglasses:

Mission list for the Hollo Pointe server
Mudspike Fly-In, April 2016

Hueys & Hawks: El Paso, Caucasus Map
Blue: Hueys & Hawks
F10 All, 08 June 0700, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Unlimited Weps

A Blue supply convoy is heading north on the highway from Novorossiysk to Krymsk Airbase. Red has set up highway checkpoints through the high pass that threaten the Blue supply line.

Blue win – destroy all Red checkpoints starting at ‘El Paso’ and going north to Krymsk. Clear the highway up to the Blue FARP London.

Red win – Destroy the Blue convoy.

Red Task

Destroy the Blue convoy.

Blue Task

Protect the Blue convoy along the highway. Look for waypoints like ‘Ckpt 1’.

Novo Airbase 123.0 MHz AM, RW 04/22
Krymsk Airbase 124.0 Mhz AM, RW 04/22
FARPS 127.5 MHz AM

Six Red highway checkpoints are stopping traffic and making a nuisance – and they will fire on our forces. A Red outpost is the last obstacle.

Red has MANPADS at one checkpoint. ZU-23 emplacements may be encountered.

Designer Notes
Hueys & Hawks!

Hawk Commands:
LWin + Q – Attack My Target
LWin + W – Cover Me
LWin + E – Complete Mission & RTB
LWin + Y – Join Up

Unlimited weapons are On. This is done for FUN in the Hawk with its SFM (pre-EFM) flight model and weapons sighting. When the Hawk EFM is released the gun pod will also be upgraded.

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –
Wrecking Crew Projects
Or search for Wrecking Crew Projects at DCS Forums.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Erl Sis Urassis, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, UH-1H, Ka-50; Red: Su-27, Su-25A/T; Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Winter, Start 0800 10JAN


Red Democratic Republic captured oil sites and is selling crude to finance their advances. The RDR is threatening Krasnordar-Pashovsky Airbase.

Blue Liberation Front must strike back against the oil facilities to stop the enemy finances. Stop the flow of oil and the RDR will collapse.

NO MANPADS. Fast movers have wingmen.

Timeout @12 hours

Red Task

To Win:
Run the Blue dogs off of Krasnodar Airbase!

Destroy any Blue convoys that are north of Krasnodar-Pashkovsky Airbase. The Blue General B. Green is on a tour.

Blue Task
Destroy oil tanker convoys, rail yard and quay facilities.

Blue win: Clear two southern Red zones:
Red Quay
RR Yard

F-15Cs –
Own the skies. Beware of North Bay air defense!
Krymsk Airbase has a full squadron of Su-27s that are ready to do battle – just fly west!
AWACS freq 251 MHz AM

A-10Cs –
Your job is south of KC Airbase.
Attack the oil transports and facilities south of KP Airbase. Stop the oil and stop the war.
Net ID = 11, Own ID = Nose/Slot Number

Helicopters –
Heli pilots focus north of KC –
There are Red groups north of KP Airbase. North shore to Vasy City then inland to Din Corners.
A Blue convoy needs to make a run back to KC. Fly over the Blue outpost that is 30 miles north of KC to signal the convoy to start. Protect our vehicles! If we lose the convoy then we lose the battle.

Oil from the the Red facilities is moving south through Petrol Junction to the RailRoad Yard, and north to Oil Junction and Red Quay Bay.

Destroy oil tankers and support on The Highway and at oil facilities.
Destroy the Red RR Yard.
Destroy the Red Quay on the South Bay.

Designer Notes


Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –

Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Tanks vs Tanks
Combined Arms Tanks vs Tanks
F10 View All, Labels Off

Clear the map of all enemy vehicle units.


F-15C Kill Fighters, Caucasus Map
Blue: F-15C, A-10A/C; Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional, Visual Recon On, Start 0600 21JUN


Blue F-15Cs intercept Red bombers and fighters. A-10Cs destroy Red artillery south of Zugdidi River.

Notice: Civilian Yak-40 aircraft are operating in the region. DO NOT engage civilian aircraft. International law prohibits any activity that disrupts regional airline service.

Red Task

Harass Blue in the Combined Arms slots. Drive more units south over the Zugdidi Bridge to enforce our artillery. Attack Blue airbases at Senaki, Kobuleti and Kutaisi.

Intelligence reports that Blue political leaders have put a Weapons Hold on their air defense missile groups, citing a danger to civilian aircraft!

Blue Task

WIN the mission by destroying the three-flight Su-27 fighter group.
An Su-27 aggressor squadron of three aircraft will attack towards Blue Kutaisi Airbase. This is your mission objective.In addition, bombers with SEAD and escorts will attack Kutaisi.
Protect the Hogs, AWACS and TEXACO from Red fighters.

WIN the mission by destroying Red artillery and armor near Zugdidi City and south of the river.
Two Red artillery groups were spotted south of Zugdidi Bridge and near Zugdidi City. Each artillery group has a Tunguska and a Shilka.
Destroy these Red ground units south of Zugdidi Bridge before they threaten our airbases. Red units north of the river are not a mission objective.

A-10C Net ID is 11, Own ID is your Nose #/Slot #.

Kutaisi Tower 134.0, RW 08/26, Height 148’, Mag Heading 068/248, ILS 109.75/-, TCN 44X
Kobuleti Tower 133.0, RW 07/25, Height 59’, Mag Heading 064/244, ILS -/111.50, TCN 67X
Batumi Tower 131.0, RW 13/31, Height 33’, Mag Heading 119/299, ILS 110.3/-, TCN 16X
Blue Bullseye is at our Kutaisi Airbase.

Texaco (when available) ‘TKR’, CH 1X

Designer Notes

The Red air threat will begin once a Blue F-15C player enters the mission. This mission has a 2 hour timeout; the mission timeout is two hours after the first F-15C joins.

Mission idea by CAVCPT
Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –

Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Simply War, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C F-15C, Ka-50, UH-1H; Red: Mig-21Bis, MiG-27, Su-25A/T; Combined Arms
F10 Fog Of War, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Sunrise at ~0800 23 Jan

A lot can happen in five hours.

Blue Liberation Forces (BLF) are attacking Red toward Min-Vody Airbase.
Red has the MiG-21 and is reported to have some small number of tatical nuclear weapons for said aircraft, and threaten Blue at Mozdok.

Combined Arms: A few armor groups are enabled with a MANPADS team. Use the Radio menu to deploy these MANPADS – BUT there is just one team per armor group. Find an armor group that includes ‘MANPADS’ in its name; if there is a Radio item for this group them its MANPADS are available for deployment.
Red armor also has a few RPG enabled groups.

Timeout @5 Hours

Red Task

_Red win: capture the Blue Perth FARP at the Red Bullseye. _
Lose the mission by allowing Blue to capture your FARP Otkrytka.

Nuke the Blue. Use MiG-21s with nukes.
Warning: The Blue airbase at Mozdok has Patriot and HAWK layered air defense systems. Mobile air defense groups will accompany Blue armor.

Use SEAD to counter the Blue anti-air defenses that surround their Mozdok Airbase. HAWK & Patriot systems are threats.

Blue air-assault commando units may be operating south of our Min-Vody Airbase. Destroy these FARP sites that are threatening Min-Vody!

Watch out for a layered and mobile Blue air defense network. HAWK and Patriot batteries guard the airbases of Mozdok and Nalchik. Field ADA is on the move and can get anywhere – beware!

Min-Vody Freq 135 MHz, RW 12/30, ILS 111.70/109.30
AWACS and EWR Freq 124 MHz AM
FARPS Freq 127.5 MHz AM.

Double Secret Secret Covert Red units have hidden nuclear weapons in several trucks and busses. These units are hidden on the map and will use all efforts to sneak into the Blue airbase at Mozdok. Five groups of two units are travelling from Min-Vody towards Mozdok; these groups are “Hidden On The Map”.

Combined Arms look for MANPADS & RPG enabled armor groups. Use the Radio to deploy these teams (only one deployment per armor group).

Blue Task

Blue win: capture the Red FARP Otkrytka, located at the Blue Bullseye. It is guarded by a TOR and a Tunguska.

Mozdok Airbase Freq 137, RW 08/27
AWACS Freq 251 MHz AM
TEXACO Freq 251 MHz AM Chl 1X Callsign TKR
FARPs Freq 127.5 AM

Combined Arms: look for MANPADS enabled armor groups. Use the Radio to deploy these teams (only one deployment per armor group).

Red has one field Air Defense group consisting of:
TOR, SA-15, RWR 15
Tunguska, SA-19, RWR S6
Strella, SA-9, RWR 9
Sborka Radar, RWR DE

Designer Notes

Radio Menu reload mission after 5 hours.

The MiG-21 will have nukes available.
Red convoys using civilian vehicles are taking nuclear weapons to Blue Mozdok Airbase. These five convoys have two vehicles each. These groups are “Hidden On The Map”.
Added EWR and AWACS all set to 124 MHz AM.

Patriot systems will defend the airbase, with launchers deployed far away from the radars.
Watch out for Red units sneaking nuclear weapons into Mozdok Airbase – look for cargo trucks or busses that act suspiciously. Ask questions later.

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –
Wrecking Crew Projects
Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Kobuleti Maru, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, UH-1H, Ka-50; Red: A-10C, Mig-29S, Su-25A/T, Ka-50, Mi-8T; Blue & Red: Combined Arms
F10 View All, Labels Optional, Start 0600 25JUN

Blue is against the wall on the coast and mounting final defenses. Blue naval forces are en route.

Red forces have the scent of blood in their noses and want to push Blue off the land. Red will advance air defenses and artillery from Kutaisi to capture Kobuleti Airbase.

The mission objectives are simple -
Blue must clear Kutaisi Airbase of Red RDR units.
Red must clear Kobuleti Airbase of Blue BLF units.

The Bullseyes are on the main targets.
Sunrise is 06:27:17
Full Moon

Red Task

To win – Red must clear Kobuleti Airbase of Blue BLF units. Clear the base of Blue - including Blue a/c - to win the mission. The Red Bullseye is on Kobuleti Airbase.

Red must protect convoys going towards Kobuleti Airbase. If units can enter the area north and east of Kobuleti then artillery will be deployed within range of the Blue Kobuleti Airbase. This artillery will be a mission decider. Let these convoys follow their course.

Beware - Blue BLF forces’ objective is to clear Kutaisi Airbase. Blue will kill you on the ground if they can.

Kutaisi Tower 134, Runway 08/26, ILS 109.75, TACAN 44x
Vazaini Tower 140, Runway 14/32, ILS 108.75, TACAN 22x

Blue Task

We are in a real jam - super wammy-bad. Our backs are against the wall - BE CLEAR - if we lose this then we are out of the region.

To win – take Kutaisi Airbase from Red units. The Blue Bullseye is on Kutaisi Airbase.

Warning - if Red can get supply convoys to their artillery zones north and east of our airbase then Kobuleti is in deep doodoo.
Destroy Red supply convoys along the highways leading to the coast from Kutaisi.

Beware - Red RDR forces’ objective is to clear Kobuleti Airbase. Red will kill you on the ground if they can.

Kobuleti Tower 133, Runway 07/25, ILS 111.5, TACAN 67X

Designer Notes

A Tactical Commander slot is available for Red and for Blue. JTAC slots are available on each side to drive vehicles and spot targets.

Kobuleti Maru

  • Spring, gentle rain, very low sparse fog
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Blue warships can fire on Red forces

Labels LShift-F10

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –

Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Back Of The Hand, Caucasus Map
Blue COOP A-10A/C, Su-25A/T, MiG-21Bis; Red: Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), 0720 09SEP


Red Democratic Republic armor and rocket artillery forces are moving through the Roki Tunnel into South Ossetia. These forces are heading south to Tskhinvali City, which leads towards Gori City in Georgia. The suspected goal is the aircraft assembly plant at Soganlug Airbase, near Tbilisi City. As many as 6,000 RDR soldiers are now camped along the northern Georgia border, in South Ossetia. The RDR has a significant industrial facility at Tskhinvali, which supplies rockets and other munitions to Red forces.

The Blue Liberation Front controls the E-60 Highway between Kutaisi in the west, eastward to central Gori City and eastward to Tbilisi. The Blue Liberation Front has outposts every ~40 km along this major E-60 Highway. Each outpost consists of a small compound with out-buildings and a few armored vehicles. Gori is lightly defended with armor; Blue does not have artillery and air defense capability. Blue operates a large combat aircraft assembly plant at Soganlug Airbase, close to the Tbilisi and Vaziani airfields. This aircraft plant produces the BLF’s best offensive and defensive capability of combat warplanes. The RDR has complained often about this aircraft plant, saying that it threatens the peace and stability of the region

In June of last year, the RDR increased its armor and artillery presence in Tskhinvali and built a headquarters compound at the rocket factory. Red forces are able to move quickly south, through the Roki Tunnel and to Tskhinvali. There they can resupply basic stores and fuel, and load full magazines of ordnance. The leader of the RDR, General Vaz, recently suggested that if the BLF does not shut down the aircraft assembly plant near Tbilisi then he will give the Blue leadership the “back of the hand” and attack it. Of course, this would result in severe consequences for the Tbilisi City economy, the tri-state airfields there, and the whole country of Georgia.

The BLF has appealed for international support, but so far little has been done to challenge the RDR military build up and take-over in South Ossetia. The West’s major power did provide a Reaper UAV for surveillance and defense, but its operations are outside the control of the BLF.

The Roki Tunnel has seen its share of invading Red forces over the years. BLF leadership have demanded an end to the constant Red aggression that use this portal to attack Georgia.

Red Task

Move your artillery within range of the Blue aircraft assembly plant at Soganlug.

To win: Destroy that assembly plant!

Blue Task

Vaziani Tower 140, Runway 140
Group ID 11, Own ID is your slot/nose number

To win:
Close either side of the Roki tunnel
_Attack the Red rocket factory and destroy the HQ offices – square building compound _

The Bullseye is on Roki Mountain; the Roki tunnel is below the Bullseye. The tunnel is protected by bunkers, crew served weapons, and air artillery comprised if Zu-23 AAA and Shilka units. MANPAD capability is unknown. Anti-aircraft guns are guarding both entrances to the Roki tunnel.
GBU-10s are needed, in order to home in on the tunnel GPS coordinates. The valleys are too deep for laser guided GBUs.

Red air defense units are at the rocket factory.
_Tskhinvali City is protected from air attack with an SA-3 air defense system located northeast above the city. _

Intelligence Brief
A rogue BUK missile launcher was reported to have passed through Roki tunnel. Be alert for any sightings or incidents that may lead to the location of this suspected launcher.

_Blue highway outposts are identified in the waypoints with “OP”. _

OP Igoeti (WP3) and OP Zegduleti (WP4) are at the maximum range of Red Smerch rocket artillery. Intercept Red artillery.

Designer Notes

Labels On/Off: LShft-F10

Have fun!
Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –
Wrecking Crew Projects
Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Vulcans vs Sharks, Caucasus Map
Blue: UH-1H, A-10A/C; Red: Ka-50, MiG-21Bis, Su-25A/T; Blue & Red: Combined Arms
F10 Fog Of War, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Start 1600 April 27, Showers


Red Ka-50s must destroy the Blue forces at FARP London.

Blue Vulcans advance on Beslan Airbase to capture it. Blue Hueys are spreading Stinger teams out to guard the skies.

This mission has a 4 hour timeout.

Red Task

Destroy Blue at FARP London. This FARP is located at the Red Bullseye. Armor and infantry units are protected by AAA and IR air defense.

Note: Blue Nalchik Airbase is NOT an objective.

— Threats
Blue has assembled large groups of Vulcans! Beware of these ADA units that include IR Chaparrals. The Vulcans and Blue armor are expected to advance on our Beslan Airbase.

Blue Huey helicopters can ferry Stinger teams to any location. Kill these Hueys before they can deploy Stingers!

Blue Task

Destroy the Red forces at Beslan Airbase. Beslan Airbase is the Blue Bullseye.

Red attack helicopters will attempt to wipe out our forces at FARP London. We have two large groups of Vulcans, plus other air defense assets.

Hueys are in the action at FARP London. Hueys are also based 25 miles away at Nalchik Airbase.
Blue Hueys can land Stinger teams anywhere! Use the Hueys to place MANPADS around FARP London and try to sneak some teams near Red Beslan Airbase.
There is no limit to the number of Stinger teams a Huey can deploy, but two minutes must pass between each deployment. Stingers will deploy after landing for 20 seconds.

A-10Cs – get our Vulcans through the gap at Kardzin Korner and on to Red Beslan Airbase.

Designer Notes

From an idea for a Ka-50 mission by BeachAV8R –

Thanks to [FSF]Ian at DCS Forums for script assistance. And to Toxocara for showing how Embark & Disembark work.

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –

Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Witches Hollo, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C (no TGPs), Su-25A/T, Ka-50, UH-1H, JTACs; Red: Combined Arms
F10 All, COOP, Spring, Overcast, Start 0540 23MAY

_— _

Red forces are building a forward base. There is a large armored structure, and three smaller camps all within a two mile radius.

Find this site and clear it of all Red buildings and units.

Red transport helicopters are flying in supplies and are rumored to be bringing IGLAs – don’t let these helicopters land and deliver their cargo!

Blue Task

To win: clear out Witches Hollo of the headquarters building and three camps. The Red Headquarters is a large white building and the camps are white armed houses guarded by watchtowers.

The Blue Bullseye is Witches Hollo. An illumination bomb marks the loaction.
Cloud base is at 7,300’, top at 8,100’.

_The Red forces are limited to armored personnel carriers and transport vehicles, with truck mounted ZU-23 AAA for anti-air defense. _
IGLA teams are expected to arrive on Mi-8 transport helicopters. Kill these helicopters before they can offload these nasty IGLA guys; it takes them about five minutes to offload.
An IGLA unit is known to be at each of the three Red camps and headquarters.

Blue supplies are also limited. No TGPs, Some A-10C loadouts include GBU-12s and require a Combined Arms JTAC for lasing.

You will have to fly under the clouds to accomplish this mission. Follow the canyons to where they open up at Witches Hollo.

The area is defended by AAA. Red ADA missile systems are not in the Witches Hollo area.

There is a Red BUK near Kareli – this is NOT a mission objective.

There is a Red SA-3 site south of the border, about ten miles south of FARP London. This older technology is still a lethal missile threat; it is NOT a mission objective.

Combined Arms

_There are Blue armor groups in the hills surrounding Witches Hollo. Use these units to attack the Red compounds and to act as JTAC. Some A-10Cs have GBU-12s. You will need to provide: target coordinates, your laser heading to the target, and laser on for the bombs to guide. _
A-10Cs need to program the target coordinates, approach on the laser heading for the bombs to detect the laser reflection and drop with CCRP.

Beware enemy ATGMs. Back away over a hill, or move to shake them off of you.

Helicopter pilots - FARPs on 127.5 MHz

FARP Paris, UH-1H - fly east, follow the river for ten miles to known enemy outposts. Watch for ZU-23 AAA fortifications guarding bridges. Witches Hollo is 14 miles east of your FARP.

FARP Dallas, UH-1H - fly northwest. Take the canyon north for seven miles then west for another six where there are known AAA sites guarding bridges. We have some Blue JTAC Hummers along this route.

FARP London, Ka-50 - you are twenty two miles south of FARP Dallas!You are on a Blue double-secret forward base. There is a Red SA-3 missile site at the southern end of Witches Tit Lake. You are authorized to attack this southern threat.

Designer Notes

This mission is based upon the 1961 movie release of ‘Alakazam The Great’ –
A monkey king who learns the secrets of magic goes on a spree and causes no end of aggravation for the gods, who finally imprison him. In order to make up for all the trouble he’s caused, he is sent on a mission to accompany a prince who is the son of the gods on a journey through a land filled with dangers, monsters, cannibals and demons.
- Written by [email protected], http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054265/plotsummary?ref=tt_ov_pl_

The combat area in Witches Hollo is reminiscent of the scene where Alakazam jumps off the cliff into the lake to find a secret world underneath!

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –
Wrecking Crew Projects
Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

Huey Apocalypse, Caucasus Map
Blue: UH-1H, A-10A/C, Restricted Ordnance; Red Combined Arms
F-10 Allies Only View, Start Noon 04JUN Summer

Right out of the Apocalypse Now movie – Hueys make the run in to the Red camp and shoot anything that moves.

Rescue any downed Blue pilots near the Red camp! Hueys fly down to the smoke to pick up the pilot.

A-10 pilots – beware, a SA-19 Tunguska has been detected – one confirmed halfway to the Red camp.

The Red Ground Commander has armor and air defense groups to move on the Blue bases.

Two hour timeout.

Red Task

A Red Ground Commander has a few ADA and Armor units that can be driven to the battle areas. These attacking groups are set to Alarm State Green and ROE Hold Fire to hide from the enemy – be sure to change these before attacking.

Win the mission by capturing Anapa Airbase or all eight of the Blue FARPs.

The Red Bullseye is in between the two Blue FARP fields.

Blue Task

There are no TGPs in the theater. Aircraft are limited to rockets and bombs.

Destroy all Red forces. The Blue Bullseye is the main objective - the Red HQ Camp.

A-10s beware of limited air defense –
Iglas have been spotted but there are only 2 or 3 units.
SA-19 Tunguska was detected – one confirmed halfway between the Red camp and Anapa Airbase. Red forces can attack Anapa Airbase with armor and air defense.

Win the mission by destroying all forts; see the mission brief surveillance pictures of Red fort formations.

Fortresses are located in and near the Red HQ Camp.
One fort is on the left flank where the jetty joins the mainland.
Another fort is on the right flank at the highway Y.
The forts are on stilts – see the mission briefing pictures.

Anapa Airbase Tower 121

The mission will reset after 120 minutes.

Designer Notes

A-10 ordnance is restricted because this mission is for Huey drivers and replicates Vietnam era capabilities.

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –

Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.

The Highway, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, Hawk, L-39C/ZA, Su-25A/T, Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, UH-1H; Blue & Red: Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Start 0900 23JUN


Recapture Novorossiysk base to win
You are northeast of Krasnodar airbase
Start at the northern tip of the lake
Fly down The Highway – stay low!

_Escape and survival is the mission objective. The scenario follows a successful combat run above Krasnodar air base. All elements hit their assigned targets. Now, the A-10C’s are RTB when the entire region erupts with RDR air defense sites. _

Unfortunately you have few weapons left and one path to the coast.

_The one escape route is ID’d south of Krasnodar and the waypoints are in the CDU. The lake exit point is marked with an illumination bomb. _

Follow the waypoints to safety to the coast. Stay low.

The route is along the major highway in the region - a four lane highway - and all civilian traffic has been banned so any vehicles are fair game - weapons free.

It won’t last long and it may not be pretty. Good luck. F-15Cs will trigger Red AI jets when Feet Wet. Don’t let us down, Eagle drivers!*

Timeout @12 Hours

Red Task

Take Gelendzhik Airbase.

Blue Task

Gelendzhik Tower 126
Farps 127.5

Survive the route down the four-lane highway to the coast - that is the first objective!

Use your cannon to knock out the guns along The Highway. Three Red road outposts are on the route; kill the outpost and armed house/watchtower to prevent the AAA there from activating.

Hueys help keep the road clear. There is FARP Paris halfway down The Highway, and FARP Moscow at the coast.

*F-15Cs watch out for enemy fighters launching out of Krymsk and Anapa. Take the low road down The Highway to the coast. When you go Feet Wet be prepared for enemy fighters! Go back to The Highway and Feet Wet to trigger another wave of enemy fighters. Land at Gelen to activate up to five new air defense groups there.

If your aircraft is damaged you can repair at Gelendzhik Airbase. You need to rearm and refuel at Gelen to take on weapons to defeat the Red forces at Novorossisyk Airbase. Clear Novo of Red forces to win the mission.

Red helicopters will deliver cargo of air defense and armor assets, and strengthen the Red attacking convoys. Destroy the Red RDR helicopters before they have a chance to unload at Novo!

Win the mission for the Blue by destroying the Red RDR at Novorossiysk. Once those forces are gone, our BLF units will roll into the base to capture it.

F-15Cs trigger MiGs and Su fighters! F-15C drivers be prepared to defend the A-10Cs from the Red pointy-nosed adversaries! Do not let our Blue party get cut short by a couple of RDR fast movers!

Designer Notes

_Win the mission by capturing Novorossiysk air base. _
_After Novo is captured there will be about 30 minutes of flight time to rearm and pound on the red forces. _

The mission allows Blue full rearming at Gelendzhik Airbase. Blue a/c will need Mavericks to take out the ever-increasing arsenal of Red forces at Novo.

If you can find a way down to the coast other than the highway, good luck! I’ll be surprised.

F-15Cs trigger enemy fighters by going feet wet. They can come back to The Highway and trigger more fighters but only every 20 minutes. Land F-15Cs at Gelen to activate up to five more air defense groups; 5 minute minimum delay between activations.

The mission will timeout after 24 hours - at 0900.

Wrecking Crew

This mission may be downloaded for free from the Wrecking Crew Projects site –
Wrecking Crew Projects
Or search DCS forums for ‘Wrecking Crew Projects’.
This mission may be modified and publicly hosted.