Holy cow... are those... I-16s?

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I-16s? Yes! War Thunder, maybe.


That was my exact thought when I saw the trailer.

Seems still more accurate than Red Tails…

But the CGI looks so bad… :open_mouth:

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It looks better than none at all…

Let’s face it MudGang…no fighter aviation film will ever be as good for technical accuracy and realism as IRON EAGLE IV…and they didn’t have to use GCI! :grinning:


Iron Eagle > Flight of the Intruder > Top Gun

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Bat 21 > Top Gun > FotI imo

I can’t believe I share a forum with such an inelegant, coarse, unrefined curmudgeon like this! Honestly, they should just keep all the riff raff out!

Here, cleanse yourself with the greatness of Firebirds and sin no more:

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whoa the Cage uncaged! doin BFM in an apache lol. yup. how did that ever not get an oscar?!

Apparently, the Academy wasn’t ready for Nouveau Shamanic at that time.

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Because Cage already called himself the greatest in the film, so no Oscar required.

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So apparently this is a Chinese film… I guess they have their own version of Michael Bay.

Yeah, if it were American, you’d probably see P-51s everywhere… With B-26s as the Japanese bombers.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched up for a film about a less-popular area of WW2, but something about the trailer just seems to be missing something. Maybe just because Bruce Willis hasn’t done very well in historical films?

Unrelated trivia: my grandmother knew a pilot who had flown in the Flying Tigers.

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I could only watch half of that trailer - it was terrible and oh so lazy.

Reminded me of that ^

Bruce Willis is in it. It can’t be any good.

Um… Have you never seen The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever Made, aka Die Hard?

How about The Greatest Comedy Ever Made About Singing Cat Burglers, aka Hudson Hawk?

How about The Movie That Empowered Michael Bay To Keep Making Movies, aka Armageddon?

Hmmm… Maybe you’re right there…

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Well, there was The Jackal, but now that you mention those…

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