Home built F-16 simulator

Very impressive work. Build time approx. 20 years and mostly build by himself. He have had friends and companies help him with different things like electronics and so forth.

He has flown paragliders, paramotors and gliders and crashed with a paraglider about 22 years ago and broke his back and is bound to a wheelchair today. Nothing works from the chest and down.

Build as accurate as possible.

270º screen, 3 projectors, headtracking in flight helmet. It is running Falcon BMS. The screens are set up to work with DCS World, but nothing else yet.

A number of RL F-16 pilots have tried it and have been very impressed and have pointed out minor mistakes that have since been corrected.

He uses or work on it almost every day, both single and multiplayer.

He has reached a satisfaction point with the sim, so that he is now letting people get rides in it for about 128$/person/hour.

Most of the following resources are in Danish.

Clip about the project on a local news station:

Main website here with pictures, videos and booking:

https://www.f16sim.dk/ (The video on the F-16 SIMULATOR page is the same as above.

His Youtube channel including build videos:


Happy Simming


That’s incredibly impressive.