Homebuilt VR Lens Using 3D Print and Cheap Glasses

I built my own WIDMOvr style lens and they work pretty well. I got the idea from @ffly here - HP Reverb G2 - #1051 by ffly.

Here were the steps for me:

I got some printed from here:

…of these…

This was for the HP Reverb G1 (not the G2), so it’s not something WIDMOvr etc do anymore. It cost about $10, with postage. They looked like this, and was an easy process to get done:

My good friend @Fridge also sent a bunch my way too (across all of Canada as well). I actually prefer them, as he sent three versions and the thicker plastic feels better:

You can see the round lens put in (with the important orientation / which side sticker I put it).

The lens where from Zenni Optical, and were the 41mm ones here. They came to about $10, although if you have a high prescription or astigmatism, then factor in about $20 more.

So how to make them is just take them out of the Zenni frames and click them into the 3D print. One thing I do wish I did better was mark the orientation of the lens before taking them out of the frame. Because I screwed that up I had to pop into a local opticians and ask them to measure the Axis value again, which wasn’t ideal. They didn’t mind but it was a bit cheeky. If anyone does plan to do this, then I recommend watching this before taking the lens out and marking them up. :slight_smile:

So considering I had no options for the Reverb G1, and it cost about $30, pretty good. It was interesting to play around with as well.


I hereby bestow upon thee, the Troll DIY Seal of Approval


That’s fast! Congrats! I’d have done the same.but high index and blue ray block etc would push my cost to 60+. I am still waiting on my order from a US vendor. Thinking about trimming the shape of my odeysey insert to fit in the g2…

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