Honeycomb Aeronautical flight controllers

Has anyone gotten hands-on or seen a review of these? Not for sale yet, but the designs are beautiful. I’d be interested in both yoke and throttle quadrant, which looks amazing.


Oh no! More gear that I absolutely can’t live without. :wink:

This looks really nice.

What does it do ?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That actually looks like a pretty good deal. What’s wrong with me? :slight_smile:

Do they say what kind of angle sensors they will use?

I like the exterior design, but I`d like to know more about the interior…

Although they go to great lengths discussing the design, features, and quality control processes, the sensors are still a mystery. Looks like one of the founders comes from Saitek and the other Microsoft. There is also a mention of Precision Flight Controls. I wonder if these are a spin-off from PFC and considered consumer grade vs. PFC marketed to flight schools. They certainly talk the talk. It will be interesting to see if they walk the walk.

The design looks great externally. I really like how you can configure the Throttle Quadrant to both a piston twin or a jet with reverse thrust and spoiler lever. The autopilot control panel is a nice feature too. I love my Warthog, but it isn’t great for civilian simming (which strangely I seem to be getting into more at the moment).