Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke Pre-order up!

Just in case anyone is mildly interested…



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Looks nice! If I had a spot for it in my 'pit, I’d like to get it :slight_smile:

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There is a pretty good review in the latest PC Pilot. I don’t think it will replace my Saitek Yoke but it looks good.

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I put my pre-order in. Right now I only have a HOTAS setup, and while that is great for a lot of aircraft types, it isn’t exactly realistic for most airliners, business jets and mainstream light GA (ie Cessnas, Pipers Beechcraft etc). Many years ago I had a CH yoke but I never really liked it. The Honeycomb yoke seems to address a lot of the issues I had with the CH one. That throttle quadrant looks amazing too, so I know I will be getting one of those in the new year as well.


I’ll be keen to hear your thoughts on it, @PaulRix.

The throttle quadrant with a trim wheel looks great for GA…although I hope the parts are sturdy.

I know plastic can be good and durable, but I think I’d struggle to go back to obviously flimsy plastic controls. The product quality chat on their website does look promising, so hopefully they’ll live up to it.

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