Hoogvliegers discussion (Dutch TV)

New Dutch television series about three aspirant fighter pilots for the RNLAF. First episode goes live on January 11th.

@schurem, @TheAlmightySnark, @Rickspin (do we have any more dutchies?)


yes @Freak is Dutch too!

Not for me, I get too bored with shows like that.


Dutchie here… EO Top gun in the polder haha, not feeling the hype yet. Will watch though, thanks for the heads up

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Where I am from, in Pennsylvania, Dutch usually means…

…so not quite the same excitement. :hushed:

Actually the “Pennsylvania Dutch” are of German descent. When they settled in the States they told their American neighbors that they were “Deutsch” (or is it Deutsche…help me out here @Aginor). We Americans, being typical Americans, translated that to Dutch since we had no idea what Deutsche (or Deutsch) meant.

…and they make something called “Shoofly Pie” which is very good but a bit off subject…like the rest of this post wasn’t…I think this neck brace is cutting off some of the oxygen to my brain…


Both work. :slight_smile:
One means German and the other means Germans.


Interesting! I did really enjoy a few episodes of a similar Canadian show (Jetstream) that I happened upon on youtube. Let’s see if this one is as interesting or if I’ve seen it all already.



damn thought I was going to read about a tv show but now I leave hungry for some Shoofly Pie and a Birch Beer to wash it down with…

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Tell me about it…
Luck has that my (German) wife just bought molasses and she’s into making cakes.
Uhm… :thinking:

Anyways… I remember the American show Angels & Speed.


Jetstream is epic!
I must have seen the whole thing… 5 times or so. :smiley:

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This sounds good

Just stumbled across it with one of CW Lemoine’s videos

Not sure where I can watch it though.


Here you go kind sir: Hoogvliegers gemist? Start met kijken op NPO Start

We also already have a topic for it, I haven’t found the time to watch it myself yet, though


Ooops! Missed that, sorry. Thanks for the link :blush: