Hornet Grip release day

So who’s in, who’s not, and who’s still on the fence.

I’m still torn between the Hornet Grip and the Virpil MongoosT50 CM2. The Hornet grip looks great, with a nice build quality, metal construction etc, but it doesn’t really add any extra functionality. The VirPil grip isn’t metal, but adds a lot of functionality over the standard Warthog grip. The prices are comparable by the time you factor in shipping to the States for the Virpil grip.

Anyone here having the same dilemma?

I think I’m gonna pass on that one. I’d rather spend the money on getting a better gimbal than the original TMHW


I can highly recommend the VirPil WarBRD base…

I am going to pass on it as well. At least until it comes down in price. I’d rather put the money into other things like the pedals.

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@PaulRix, I’m with you on this. I will most certainly buy it down the road, just to have it in my collection.

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Are you still using the original MongoosT50 CM1? If so, are you still liking it?

I got the upgraded CM2, which has a longer brake handle. The original CM and CM2 are the ones I’ve been using since I got them.
Can’t go without the brake handle now…

The brake handle is a big attraction for me. It would make the Spitfire a lot easier to handle on the ground.

Hmmm…I think the decision has been made.

Remind me… What stick are you using now?

I have the VirPil WarBRD base, with the Warthog grip.

I can send you the CM if you want.
The CM2 will probably be my spare stick when I get the VFX (F-14) :wink:

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That’s very generous of you, but I think I will go ahead and pick up a CM2. The extra functionality it offers will make the purchase worth the cost. I greatly appreciate your offer though.

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Annnnnd it’s done. I think I made the right decision. That Hornet grip looks the bomb though.

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My Hornet grip will be arriving on Monday. Looking forward to using it.




@RedBravo65, @chipwich, Congrats guys! I hope it’s awesome for you!