Hornet reading material for a long flight?

So I have downloaded the NATOPS, NATOPS Checklist, Chuck’s Guide, and DCS Manual.

Any additional recommended documentation I can pull down?

Used by the FAA as a source document for aerodynamics information and test material: Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators.

You could also download episodes 011 - 015 of the Fighter Pilot Podcast and listen to those. Good for a review, even if you haven’t heard them in a while. Episodes 014 and 015 discuss much of the air traffic control procedures around a carrier, which you will use often in the Hornet and Supercarrier modules.


Where are you flying to, the Moon? I would think that’s more than enough to get you through.
Personally I can’t read longer than about 2 hours before I need to take a break and do something else like watch something or get up and move around, anyway.

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That’s an awesome find fearless. I have a printed copy of the Blackhawk Down script around here somewhere. A friend of mine was in the 160th when they were filming and it just showed up in a plain manila envelope one day. No return address :laughing:

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This F-18C HORNET AVIONICS GUIDE, (HAG) is an abbreviated aircrew checklist style product designed to quickly enable you to perform the desired task with the F-18 avionics. It assumes you have familiarized yourself with the DCS Early Access Guide and that you understand the basic operation of the Upfront Control Panel (UFC), Digital Data Indicator (DDI), Multi-Purpose Color Display (MPCD), and Head Up Display (HUD).

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