Hornet vs Viper

Interesting article set where a pilot experienced with time in both talks about how they compare:

“So which is better?”


without reading the article Im going to say 2 is better than 1

I was going to post that 1 was better than 2 but I see the flaw in my logic there. And for a first in flight sim community history I will voluntarily change my opinion, based on facts and good argument, instead of yelling and screaming and holding my ground against all reason. :smile:

2 is better than 1.

That’s a very good read … my bad attempt at humour aside.

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Nice read! I love the technical details. sweeeeeet

Super Hornets actually have a power ladder that can be activated from inside the cockpit

Hah…definitely a legacy Hornet guy.

Cant I just like both? :smile:

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Yes, but it defeats the purpose of an “A vs. B” thread!!! :smiley:

That being said: I like both, but I’d vote Hornet I think.
Two engines, carrier plane, I like that.

You are correct sir!

Hornet rules, Viper drools! I dont have to give a reason, it just does!

Hey - I was just quoting from the article, it wasn’t me. :smile:

Besides, he spent longer flying air-force and didn’t know how to nicely say he preferred the Viper. He sort of made the Hornet win/equal/apple vs orange by saying it was the best carrier capable Navy aircraft that began with the letter H.