Hot Start Challenger 650 FMS + VNAV Tutorials

I’ve created a handful of tutorials for the Hot Start Challenger 650’s FMS-6000 in X-Plane. While Hot Start has included some documentation to get everyone going, there are a good number of features that are not mentioned in the FMS Primer doc. With my (real world) experience using the Collins Pro Line 21 suite, I hope to shed more light on these unmentioned features and how well Hot Start has modeled the FMS.

I approached these videos with the new CL650 pilot in mind that has little to zero FMS experience. The videos are broken down into various topics, some of which are not new to the “veterans”. But you may pick up a little detail here and there if you watch all of them.

Each video has chapters with timestamps so you can skip ahead if you want and/or “rewind” if needed.

Playlist: Hot Start Challenger 650 Tutorials - YouTube

Basic FMS setup, keypad shortcuts for comms and nav

Creating a flight plan from scratch

A closer look at PERF INIT, VNAV SETUP and TAKEOFF REF and how to get the most out of it.

Basic and Advanced procedures such as adding a holding pattern, direct to a previous waypoint, tracking courses (outbound/inbound), storing and retrieving stored flight plans.

VNAV tutorial: basics, direct-to, crossing restrictions (specified distance from a known waypoint), and using it in climb


Awesome! I’ll have to sit down with a cup of coffee and work my way through these. I’m going to have to pick up this airplane soon as I’ll be heading off to school for the Challenger 650 in the not too distant future.

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Nice. Being that you are typed and flew the 604, are you going back for recurrent and 650 differences or are you doing the full deal to knock off the rust?

Unfortunately it will be the full initial because it has been about 7 years since I last flew the 604. :crazy_face:

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