House of the Dying Sun

Just picked this up on early access. It plays like the love child of Tie Fighter, Freespace and Homeworld with a strong emphasis on hit and run missions.

I’m quite impressed. Plus I’m a sucker for playing the bad guy (behind blue eyes…)


Ooh, looks interesting - thanks.

And it supports the Rift too… Tempting.

Damn, that looks REALLY cool. The aesthetic just cries out for the original Homeworld.

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Agreed. It has a hint of ‘No Man’s Sky’ look about it graphically too (or ‘No Man’s Ever Released’ to give it its informal title).

Sounds like a decent start for the name of a wing/minor faction in Elite.

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Its a fun game. Its not very long right now but it show’s real potential.

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Really enjoying this title in VR.


Watching this closely now…

First impressions are that it’s really rough around the edges, and that’s to be expected. If you want to use your HOTAS, be prepared to set it up.

That said, it’s also really slick. The physics are quite satisfying. I’ll have to put together a video at some point.