How are you guys using the radios in DCS?

But button 11 is also both the selection of the radio as the one you use for a press to talk button (PTT)…

does Viacom/VA not require…

a. select the radio (1 in this case)
b. Check or set the correct frequency
c Press the button dedicated to transmit on the selected radio, irrespective of which radio is selected.

@chipwich appears to do it abc if I understand him correctly. This is how I woud choose to do it as it is what I am used to.

Maybe you can do it both ways?

I believe there is an option “Select Turnes Radio” that will do something like this. I leave it on ‘hard’ mode I guess?

You have to tune the radio in DCS to the correct freq you want to transmit on. If, using the above, I do either of the following:

  1. Click Btn 12 (TX2), instead of btn 11(TX1), and COM2 isn’t set to the correct freq then the tanker will not get the transmission - I’ve transmitted on the wrong freq.
  2. COM1 is set to the wrong freq. Nothing will happen. It won’t tune it to 253.0 in this case.

Oh, and no, I don’t have to push the COM1 tuner button (Hornet it this case) before pressing my COM1 transmit button. Guess that is automatic via VCP. Gotta look at the Hornet radio instructions again…

@jross i am used to a single on/off button on the controls that operates as, and is called the press to talk button (PTT). Each radio is selected by a separate button on a nav coms display which selects the radio you wish to transmit/receive on.

I have never flown an aircraft with multiple PTT’s with a different one for each radio.

You can see from this the switch selection for which radio you use. The PTT on the control column does either radio according to which is selected. Ignore the standby frequency which is for something else separate to this.


It works same as in the real Hornet (Thanks, again, to Mr. @Chuck_Owl)


Selects AND Transmits as I understand it

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But is that select com1 or two or is it also the PTT?

In my setup, it both selects and transmits (PTT) in the hornet. There’s no switch to flip between channels for the PTT. One button does it all (for each radio)

but is that the same in the aircraft?

As far as I know it is but I’ll dig in again…

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I read there are pre selected ‘studs’. IE a UFC selection will change the frequency.

I’m only talking Hornet here (AV8 is similar it seems):

Those 2 knobs (COMM1/2 Channel Selector, bottom left/right); you rotate to change the channel. Push Pull them to see the current freq for a channel and change it.

The last line there, from the manual on the Hornet:

I see the confusion I think: It would appear you have 2 steps: 1) push the UFC button for COM1, 2) Push the TX1 button on the stick. Either they worded it incompletely or VA/VPC is doing that for me (I didn’t select this option), or I’m confused too. Or all of the above.

For me the “Channel Selector” UFC knob is rotated to change/select 1 of 20 pre-assigned channels, not select it for transmission.

Guess if you changed the name of the UFC button to “Channel Changer” and the throttle buttons to “Channel Transmitter” it would be more clear?


Exactly. Is it A or B in a real Hornet? Or C?

Option A. The rocker switch on the throttle does two jobs.

  • Selects the active radio
  • While depressed also transmits, after which it listens on the selected radio.

Option B

  • The rocker switch on the throttle selects the active radio
  • A separate switch activates transmit

A) as it works for me. As per my setup and the way I read the manual.

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I have never flown a Hornet. All the aircraft I have flown use option B.

@Troll @BeachAV8R do we have a real Hornet pilot on tap please?

Me neither. But I understand what you mean: GA and COM acft have, usually, a switch that states which freq will be transmitted on when you press the, single, PTT.

If the rocker does everything, its a single point of failure for all voice comms and also lose half the audio options. But saving on a switch may be the better option in a restricted size cockpit.

Likely, especially, in a combat fighter - goes along with the HOTAS idea I guess; simplify things when it comes to button pushing.

This would only be the case on something dated like the 1930’s dragon rapide. Even on single pilot aircraft like the BN Islander there is a second PTT switch on the other set of controls. I have reached across and used it. You have to plug your headset in on the other side as well…



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Yeah, I’m only talking of a basic, simple, layout, not considering multiple control positions.

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The above Rapide is the only example i can think of… hang on, also a DH Puss Moth and Fox Moth

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