How do you lock the Virpil WarBRD twist axis?

I have a Virpil WarBRD grip with twist axis but I’m having a devil of a time figuring out how to lock the twist axis. I can’t find a set screw like on the F-14 grip. Any help would be appreciated. I have not disassembled the grip yet, but that might be next…

There’s two types of the grip - one with the lockable axis and the other one without.

Are you sure you have the right one?

There should be a set screw.
But as @apollon01 says, you may not have the lockable versiob.

Ahh. I was under the impression you either had a twist axis (with locking feature) or no twist axis at all.

I likely have the non-locking version, then. There are two allen screws on the bottom of the frame, but they seem to just hold the two halves of the grip together. It does not have the allen screw on the rear of the grip, like the F-14 grip.

I guess next step is to contact Virpil about the potential for a swap, or open up the grip and see if I can fab something to lock it myself.

Hm… Now I’m not sure.
Looking at the VPC webshop, the only options are lockable twist axis, or fixed.
And looking at the diagrams found at Havoc-Company, there should be a set screw in the back of the grip.

I looked over the images at the link. My WarBRD does not have that rear grip set screw. Serial number is sub-200, so maybe it’s an early production model and they changed the design after…