How hard is it to buy a house

I know some of you saw the dream house for my wife and I to buy, we put in an offer just short of the asking price and where beaten by someone who wanted a second home :sob:

These then are our shortlist which is getting hard to whittle down

This one is a favourite because of the 3 1/2 acre woodland, though small house

This is one we would jump at though the sellers have temporarily taken it off the market

And this is quite quirky but is in a less desirable location

It just seems when you hit 50 the next house has to be a good bet for the longer term. We have had 2 house veiwings where one of the owners has dementia, and they where so remote it makes you think long and hard.
I will let you know how we get on presently :sunglasses:

FYI this is where we are moving from :slight_smile:


My favorite is the barn one…that is really cool…and the views look spectacular…! Love the patio and the interior stone work…

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you because while I’m in my second house now (after living in the first one 15 years, or 3x longer than we initially planned), we had both of them built as new construction.

Pick your lot, pick your model, pick your upgrades and colors, wait 6 months…move!

Frankly, I’ve been to other people’s homes and, well, people are real slobs. I mean, my house has clutter, no sugar-coating it. With 2 kids I’ve got toys and papers and boxes and stuff all over that really need to get put away but only seem to relocate to another equally inappropriate location. Yet it’s not dirty. We clean that up. Nine days out of 10 if some food falls on the floor you’re not scared to still eat it after you pick it up (and vacuum where it fell).

Other homes I’ve been to…UGH. If they have pets, you can triple the UGH. There’s just no way I would ever feel like the home I’m moving into is really clean unless the walls and ceiling were torn out, the place was sandblasted, and the interior rebuilt. Naturally, it’s cheaper to buy new than go through that. :smile:

There is a castle just down the road … :blush:

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I thought there were castles on every road?