How hard is the M2000C to learn?



I’m hoping to do some flying in the Mudspike Fly-In this weekend (I do have King Air ground school both days, so I will only be on in the evenings) and was thinking about finally trying out the M2000C. Any opinions on the difficulty of quickly learning some of the basics? I might try the tutorials for it tonight.


It’s a really straightforward aircraft. It’s IMHO one of the easier aircraft to learn with a cockpit with relatively few switches. The autopilot is also a real treat to use.


M2000C :wink:

Quite easy actually, fly the landing by the numbers though!


Run through all the training missions with it and you’ll be up to speed in no time. And yes, fly the numbers on landing.


Mirage has the bestest ilsa hud in the world. It’s so good. But yeah it’s a pretty straightforward jet. Almost like an F-5.


Gonna dive into your guide right now! :+1:t2:


As the others said - it’s a straightforward jet to learn. M for Marche and voila baguette! Oh la la!


I prefer to fly it rather than start it. I don’t fly it much though, which is probably why I don’t start it much.

Love the guns on that thing!


Other than learning to speak French, no issues. :wink:


So as long as it’s Canadian French (thank you, Heavy Gear!), I can stumble through it!


Whew - you aren’t kidding. That is a pretty lengthy process. Just went through the cold and dark tutorial. I have a little trouble here and there since I’m using the English cockpit and the instructions reference French labeling for the switches.

If I elect to use the DCS settings page to allow for a quick INS alignment - does anyone know what positions I need to put the INS switches instead of going through all the alignment settings?


Yeah it takes longer than the other replies might have you believe :smiley:


How hard can it be compared to the Viggen:

Filp “bork” to “bork” and verify the light labeled “bork” indicates “bork”
Rotate dial “Bork” to “bork” ensuring the pointer indicates “Bork”



You forgot about typing the code for ‘Bork’ into the computer. Nothing works if you forget that step. :wink:


You know what I love most about the M2000 in Multiplayer? The sound someone ELSE makes when he hits burner. Pure French Magic!

Post edit: IFF! Don’t leave the ramp without it.


Don’t you mean Björk.



Just think in French. That’s what I do.


Like Clint Eastwood in “Firefox”


Hey Chris, glad to see you’re jumping into the Mirage! It is fun to ply, spent a lot of time in the pit building and testing two campaigns and all the training missions (oh, and writing the manual too) - and still love to fly it. It is very easy to learn but has a lot of quite complex stuff under the hood. Enjoy it!


It’s a pretty cool jet and seems to have quite a few similarities with the F-16A Block 15 of that mid 80s period.