How I stopped worrying about the LSO and learned to embrace the three wire

Now we need a Goshawk…


Why not TA-4 A-4E-C?


Because the document deals in Goshawks… :wink:
Does the A-4 mod work with Supercarrier, BTW? I still haven’t tried it.


Yup and the crew even goes through a routine with you! Gives you directions and instructions to the cat. Only problem is they expect you to have a launch bar and none of the new boats are designed for the bridle launchers, so taking off means a full deck run. I believe the A-4 team is planning to either port or add a workaround so we can at least get a simulated cat launch.


The manual @Troll posted was a really good read! You can really sense both the excitement and the weight of very possible dequal once training begins at the boat. The part I found most helpful is this:

The F-18 hangs on to trimmed AOA nicely. But the Tomcat is a little less well behaved, probably like the T-45. I needed some guidance on when fiddling with the stick along with power gives good results.

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