How Long Until a Multinational "Top Gun"?

We seem to be seeing this more and more. I was reading an article the other day about French Aeronavale pilots training at Oceana to operate off of American carriers for extended deployments. I find that very interesting. I understand that the Americans and British used to do this all the time when the British had the old Ark Royal with Phantoms on the deck.

What do you guys think? How long until we start seeing a multinational Fighter Weapons School, or are we already seeing it? I think that other allied air forces send units to participate in Red Flag, don’t they?

i wouldnae be surprised at all if exchange pilots have been doing FWS for years.

I am fairly certain exchange pilots join their squadrons when they go to FWS, but I’ve not heard of a dedicated exchange unit for it.

Honestly, RF is a better use of limited training funds because it works with everything, including logistics, EW, BVR, whatever. The only caveat is the lack of carrier ops still makes exercises like that one useful for countries with carriers.

I just don’t know that it makes sense for say the RAF to send pilots to FWS in this age. The financials don’t seem to add up when you’re trying to stretch every penny and instances of close-in fighting are so rare.

Yes, I goy the “nasty-gram” about reviving an old topic. I’m going to do it anyway…and I have a reason.

I as in VF-32 when Topgun came out. Wow, what a cool school.

Then I went on the Fallon deployment and actually went through several classes taught by Topgun instructors. Completely different from the movie. What they teach is USN A2A and Strike Warfare Doctrine and Tactics. Yes there is some turning and burning. However, there is a lot of doctrine.

What is the best way to do a Fighter Sweep? Anyone? Bueller? I know and the answer surprised me…perhaps it shouldn’t have…and it makes perfect sense when you think about it…but it wasn’t intuitively obvious.

So, I can see a benefit for sending RAF, RN, or FN pilots to NFWS. At they very least they will understand what the crazy Yanks are doing. :sunglasses:

Put a tank on the runway?

Ive had my fair share of operating and training with other countries, ROK, Thai, and unfortunately, Iraq. The Thai recon guys showed me how to drink cobra blood and rip a chicken apart with bare hands. The ROK guys showed me how to beat the â– â– â– â–  out of each other in the snow and live on a roll out mat for 2 years, and the Iraqis showed me the importance of physical education in public school.


Wait I thought with the F-35 it was all BVR now? :wink:

Hangar I’m guessing with a broom, or possibly a swiffer.

Gunny: Truth. Also being out at our training academy it’s sad to see the youth if America come in, in even worse shape every cadet class. We had one cadet who showed up and couldn’t do one (1) pushup. And he wants to be a big city cop?!

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I would split this into a new topic if I could/knew how. The importance of Athletics in America. There is a reason we are back to back World War Champs.

I’m sure someone can come along and split it for us.

My take is it’s less of athletics and more of a result of a more heavily automated and mechanized era, coupled with fewer and fewer people being raised in an agrarian environment vs urban. In general, most of the civilized world has a far more passive lifestyle than a hundred years ago and that shows. Add in far better nutrition and you get to where we’re at now.

Fun story: When my paternal grandfather was in high school, he beat up the high school football team captain. Why? The captain called him a pansy for going to art class instead of football team tryouts.

OMG… it’s happening… They are preparing us for the aliens invasion!

EDIT: this was actually meant as a reply to O.P.

By the way I did meet in my previous job one of the few Italian pilots who flew on the hawg…
The temptation to spill out my knowledge on it via DCS was high but I managed not to sound too much like a cheerleader DTF with the School team quarterback…