How many hours of needless effort..?

So - I post a lot of screens and AARs. Over the years, I’ve probably posted thousands and thousands of screens. Traditionally, I’ve always used various versions of PhotoShop (I’m always a couple versions behind - better to pick them up used or old than new) to edit my photos, add graphics in boxes, vignette, and resize/convert to JPG.

Tonight - on a whim - I decided to look up “How to make a Photoshop automated button…” because I was tired of resizing my screens to 1200 pixels width for every. single. screen. every. time. That process involves going to the top menu, clicking on Image, Image Size, then moving my mouse to the width box, clicking, then manually typing in 1200, clicking OK. Not exactly digging ditches…but that is four or five steps and a motion that takes my fingers off the keyboard twice, which in itself is a bit of non-Gilbrethian nonsense… Well, Google of course revealed a web page that showed me how to record my strokes in PhotoShop and bind it to the F2 key. Essentially making a macro I guess. F2 now does all that work in a fraction of a second. How idiotic am I not to have found that option 10 or 15 years ago?



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Um, it’s character building? :wink:

It’s been said that the three great virtues of a programmer are; Laziness, Impatience and Hubris. You got fed up with doing it manually, so found a better way. Non, je ne regrette rien…

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Believe you missed that feature thats always been there; File->Script->Image Processor… It will do whole folders and save it out in a new folder. You can set quality or size etc

This is why programming should be tought from groundschool up. People have no idea what productivity gain potential rests within their computers.

I once saved an architecture bureau a small fortune simply by writing them a VBA script that automatically made excel sheets from a template according to a few parameters that had to be entered up front. Up to that point, they had architects make those sheets from hand, every time, for every storey they planned, simply because they were oblivious of what can be achieved with just 5 lines of code (funny sidenote, i did that pro bono, yeah i was young and stupid :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I have a pretty strong compulsion to know what every button, switch, etc. does on pretty much anything I use. It’s one of the reasons I like study sims as much as I do. That said, the function of some options/items aren’t always clear just from their name and layout, so I’ll occasionally learn something new, like you did, and it is a wonderful experience!

What are you going to do with all this new found time?

You should always make sure the task works manually under all conditions before any attempt at automation!

There’s a joke in there originating from my 13 year old level mind… LOL…