How to play mods like F22 in multiplayer dcs

How to play mods like F22 in multiplayer dcs,I can play f22 in single player and f22 is built on f15, I saw a few people flying with planes that are not in the game like b1 on the server, and I downloaded f22, but I cannot enter the multiplayer game because f22 does not have an empty box in the game, as far as I understand, the name of f22 is a name I have. i need to change it with the plane name what is it and how should i do it? now i have f/18 im and f15c demo mode. thanks

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If I remember correctly, there are two things that need to happen.

1: The admin for the Multiplayer Server needs disable the . That feature ensures that everyone is using the same unmodified files. I may be wrong on that but I am sure someone will step up and correct me.

2: There needs to be a slot added to the mission for that 3rd party module by the mission designer. Renaming a module will not help.


@Mr0_00 it’s exactly as Fridge said.


first of all, thank you for the comment, it’s not like it’s advertising, but on the 4YA server, it doesn’t normally place b1 planes and have a room, but the guy was using B1 and that server allowed mods as far as I know because it’s a trial room. Is there any guide video on how to do it?

I would track down a forum for that server (or Discord, reddit, whatever) and check there.

Other than that, I don’t know. Sorry. :slight_smile:


If I host a server with allowed mods, running a mission with a 3rd party mod, and you join it without the mod, aren’t you going to get a message that the mod doesn’t exist, preventing you from joining? @jross help!

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I’m not sure. Sorry. I don’t do MP.

I’ve recently observed in SP that it will load a substitute aircraft if the one referenced isn’t there. But I only saw this once; I immediately resolved the issue by removing any non-ED mod’s[1]

[1] There’s more to it in my case: I was loading aircraft in a non-standard way.

Having said that, I think in MP, if the server has integrity checks (IC) on then you won’t be able to join. If IC is OFF and you don’t have a mod that’s in the MP mission…I’m not sure. It might use a sub as I witnessed above?

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