How to spot the different gamers


I will forever be a knight for the lands of Dreamcast!

I’m not a console hater or anything - but my console gaming has been limited to just a few handfuls of Wii bowling in the past decade or so. Best done while drinking.

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I was going to post the old Yahtzee Croshaw PC Master Race bit, but I just saw it has it’s own wiki page.

What the actual? It’s not funny if it’s academically explained internet.


The last non-sports/music game I played on a console was some sort of walking simulator, assassins creed i think it was called.

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I’m much the same. The latest console I own was a PS2 I bought in my senior year of High School. The problem I’ve had is that there’s such a huge demand for FPS on console that the big “killer apps” I see for consoles are all FPSs. It’s pretty objective that FPS works better with a mouse and keyboard.

I want a return to form for consoles. I want crazy Sci-fi and kart racing games! I want platformers! I fail to see anything that really takes advantage of the control pad and give me reason to get a newer console. I’ve since just invested in a 360 pad for my PC and play all of my indie platformers, like Dust: An Elysian Tail, Shovel Knight, and Freedom Planet on PC.

guess I’m a multi-platform… I game on all. :wink:

I think if you were an early adopter…and have been a console gamer simultaneously all your life, you probably have a better grasp of what is good and what is bad on a console. Honestly, the last console that I actually played in any meaningful way was an Atari 2600 (LOL). After that, I got a Commodore 64 and I’ve never gone back. My only brush with consoles was probably 12 or 15 years ago, I went to my friend’s house and we played some 007 game on his console (couldn’t even tell you what it was) and I just thought the aiming with the little sticks was so clunky. I’m betting I’d like some racing games though…I’ve actually started using an X-Box controller for some of my PC gaming…

2600 was my first too, then my 1st PC was the Radio Shack one, then to 64 then 128… moved back to console in the early Sega Genesis days, was great for military life… so I’ve been pretty much back and forth between them all… and now all but not as much on any as I use to be… oh the gaming memories. Typing in 6 pages of code from a PC magazine, and getting just one syntax wrong, cartridge games, floppy’s, disk, now all digital for me. :wink:

I was gonna say… the pc master race trancends all.

LOL…I remember doing that. Remember that C64 Fast Load cartridge…? LOL…and when I went from a 300 baud modem to a 1200 and then a 2400…blazes man! The text came across faster than I could read it…

Everyone knows the best games came on cassette tape! :laughing:

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