How To Win In A Dogfight:

How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs



well that only reinforced my need for a full fidelity Mig-29!


That’s a great read…(Mudspike worthy!)

When the throttles were pushed into afterburner you weren’t 100% sure if the flame would come out of the back end or the front end. Sometimes, it came out of both ends.

Fixed that for ya’…! :smiley:

I want a full fidelity Su-25 first…but, yes, I’d buy a MiG-29…but it would probably just sit there on my drive…

The IRSTS turned out to be next to useless and could have been left off the MiG-29 with negligible impact on its combat capability. After a couple of attempts at playing around with the IRSTS I dropped it from my bag of tricks.

That’s interesting. I wonder if it was just poorly stabilized or something. Like trying to spot a bird through a 100x scope.

Aaaaaand…I learned something…

On the positive side, I once participated with Italian Navy flying AMRAAM-capable Harriers with APG-65 radars (the radar originally in the F-18).

Did not know there was such a thing as AMRAAM capable Harriers.

The Harrier FA.2 was also AMRAAM capable.

I wonder…was it a turf battle that kept the USMC Harriers from getting to use the AMRAAM (I guess it has a bit…but not much)…? Stepping on Navy or USAF “fighter” toes?

Now that was a very interesting article. Those impressions of the Mig-29A were illuminating. I thought his impressions of the F-35 compared to F-22 were interesting as well.

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I’m wondering if it’s a sensitivity issue? If you’re not cooling down an IR seeker a LOT, you’re not going to be able to see much. And maybe with that big, powerful radar underneath putting out what I’d guess is a lot of heat, it’s probably not helping make the IRST easier to cool down.

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It was an excellent article. I think there may be a correlation between his strength of opinions on some things like that and the posting he got coming back from Germany.

I can’t remember…how do you point the IRST? Is it like a TDC controller and you are watching a screen? I can imagine that could get pretty disorienting…

Oh…good article here…another long one though…

In LOMAC/ DCS:W, it’s aimed like the radar in the Russian jets, and you get the indicator in the HUD and the repeater in the Heads Down Display. I believe it’s a fairly wide angle detector, if I remember right (don’t have the FC3 manual in front of me at the moment). And you use the radar slew controls to move it around, and then select targets with the TDC.

If I remember right, it was pretty much the same way in the MiG-29 add-on for Falcon 3.0 (I flew the MiG a LOT in that one, much more than the Viper).

There is one good and one bad thing about the article.

  1. GOOD. he mentions the f-111. (of course he should)
  2. BAD. Its not mention with a positive inflection
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I know I’m kinda sticking my neck out, here but…
I’m getting the funny feeling that @Bogusheadbox has a slight bias toward the Aardvark?

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What gives you that idea. :yum:

scandalized tone of voice

I’m reading a book about Colonel John Boyd right now. It doesn’t have much nice to say about the F111 either. However, that was in the context of using it as a fighter in the air to air role.

Yep, this is correct. It works just like the radar except that you have a very shallow downward angle due to the big nose of the aircraft in the way and it cannot tell if your target is friendly or enemy, it just sees the heat source of the target, no IFF.

OK, now I’m trying to remember. Is the laser rangefinder modeled? Tl;dr I need to go fly the Flanker some more. And we need a full-fidelity Fulcrum.