HP Reverb G2

It’s downloading something in wmr so I have come for a smoke. I specifically bought my mobo with USB C support for such an eventuality as the reverb and guess what it doesn’t work :rage:

WOW I can see everything. Settings are going to take some tweaking but DCS looks great and no need for MSAA that I can see 45fps over the city in the huey free flight PG map


For my future reference, when the day comes to purchase: Did you get the USB C port to work, or use another method? I’m slightly confused on the VR headset -vs- USB type thing-a-ma-bobs.

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@Cib @jross

I found my dcs and reverb worked much better with a mains power hub for my


No I used the adaptor from C to A. The USB c slot is on the mobo io built in as it where. It works to transfer data from phone though so it works for that at least.
Quick question for anyone. I saw a set up video for G2 that mentioned enabling some direct X 11 setting within either windows or wmr Portal any help ?

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I think that we discussed that earlier in this or another thread and thought that it helped low end systems. You can try anything though and share with it the group. I haven’t tried it yet. One thing that adds a subtle, but noticeable improvement is ReshadeVR.

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Thanks. It’s settled down a bit now. I do have an issue with loosing the curser in the cockpit and also the gui.
I have to alt tab to get it back. Frames go from 30 on the SC to 90 with lots of sea or sky in shot. It only took 5 years to tweak the rift with how I wanted it. Plenty time to tinker.
Did you guys uninstall occulus

I haven’t yet, because you used to be able to run your Oculus games with SteamVR using a utility called Revive Dashboard. Have not used it lately, but it worked pretty well IMHO. I would say that if you are not playing any Oculus games, that it would be wise to uninstall.

Compatibility list

Edit: I just tried Mission | ISS and it still works great. :+1:

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fire flames GIF


Have a thing for Facebook, do you lad? TBH, I’ve yet to sync my Oculus account with my FB account. I expect that Oculus software will stop working at some point.

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That, and the way they treated me as a early adopter and the way that Luckey guy behaved. Nope, no love lost between me and oculus. They also came up with the horrible idea of having a piece of hardware have a driver that’s also a storefront. Imagine if your mouse, keyboard, HOTAS and screen did that as well!


Apart from my upcomming upgrade and the other projects pulling me away, this is the major reason for not diving into VR DCS at this time.

It happens when you pull the curser out of the DCS flatscreen window/screen and click so that DCS no longer is the program in focus. (Do this also happen with DCS in Fullscreen mode?).

With my 3 screen 26", 32", 26" setup and current VR/DCS settings I only get a square window that fills about half of the center 32" screen.

It is all to easy to get the curser outside the DCS window.

It is definitely a DCS VR gamebreaker for me.

I have loosely looked into how to maximize the DCS flatscreen window and/or if it is possible to lock the curser to the DCS window. Without any real succes.

I have found a couple of programs that could do this. Some general purpose, that I can’t remmember the names of and this one from the DCS site. DCS Window mode 1.1 - Lock Mouse in Window

I have tried DCS Window mode 1.1 and it does work, but I am using a trackball in my off hand and when the curser reaches the edge of the window it stops moving no matter how much I keep on rolling the ball in the same direction. With a mouse I could lift it and move it in the opposite direction and then move it some more in the right direction.

I don’t think that that is possible with a trackball. (I could be wrong).

This means that it is not possible for me to click a lot of cockpit buttons to the sides and down in the cockpits.

I have just asked the writer of DCS Window mode 1.1 if he thinks that it is possible to change DCS Window mode so the cursor will continue to move in DCS VR when it is at the edge of the DCS flat window.

I thought that PointCTRL would be the solution, but as it is emulating a mouse I fear that it will have the same problem.

Happy Simming

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While it does emulate a mouse, it is calibrated to your VR window to never click outside it. Very neat. It is the solution to your problem. Isn’t there also a setting “confine cursor to window” or somesuch thing?

The only way my cursor goes awry if I click the taskbar. Which rarely if ever happen as I have it on top and set to hidden :wink:

I also really really want the 3080 I paid for in september 2020 :frowning:


Does Right Alt + Enter help when DCS starts up, as that should full screen the VR mirror, trapping the cursor even if you have multiple monitors?

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It might not help but I don’t run into this issue. After I Alt-Tab into DCS, the cursor never leaves the DCS vertical VR window displayed on my monitor. I _ think_ that there is a setting in SteamVR that allows you to change from the narrow vertical window to a full screen VR window? Has potatoe visual quality but you mouse may never leave it? I donno.

That is weird? A mouse and trackball should appear exactly the same to Windows? I mean, X-Y position with buttons - it is only the sensors and mechanical bits that are different?

I have only messed around with this mouse issue for about an hour and about trice as much research, so I haven’t tried much.

I am happy to hear that about PointCRTL. I have tried the Confine Curser thing.

I think that you are right about the taskbar. For now I have moved it to the top. It will take some getting used to.
Now I wish that I knew how to make the taskbar “Hover over to unhide” time longer and the “Hide again” time shorter.

I very much hope that you will get it yesterday rather than tomorrow.

I will try that and se how it goes.

I will look into Alt-Tabbing and see how it goes.

I was going to ask if there is a SteamVR setting for this and where it is.

Mouse/trackball is my screwup. I was thinking about how you can lift the mouse, move it in the opposite direction, put it down and continou the mouse move.

I thought I was funny as you cannot lift the trackball and make the same move and I was thinking that the solution would be a software way to emulate the lift of the trackball.

Heck! Lifting and moving is exactly what you are doing with your finger on the trackball.
The most dejected Picard Facepalm! Times 3!

When I saw your reply it dawned on me that, that is not the problem at all. Sorry.

It will be a while before I do anything more about this, as I will do my PC upgrade tomorrow. Instead of waiting for the new PSU to arrive I will just use the old one until then.

Happy Simming


From Voodooimax over on Reddit:

Some have noticed that the audio firmware is gone. (You should still be able to get it from the stickies post if you still want it.) This is because we read comments here and found that, as an example, some BeatSaber songs still exhibited the screens blacking out when the volume is high. The new one will be dropping soon. I’ve tested the heck out of this one and I am now mostly deaf… not sure how some of you folks play with the volume so high.


Anyone have an idea on what is a good setting to get rid of some sort of outline shimmering on some objects. Like they look good…but they have a bit of an outline of shimmer…like they aren’t getting anti-aliased enough. What DCS setting should I bump up to get a better image quality since it seems I have some spare GPU power to use (everything is smooth right now in MP…)?

Proof of how terrible I am. I don’t even know what my chaff/flare button is… :rofl: I thought I could outclimb that SA8 missile…I mean…the friendly Predator was circling just above me!


You may suck (you don’t), but I just friendly fired an F-16C on that server. They weren’t happy. :frowning:

It was the bit where you defend the carrier from attack, had my SA up, Datalink on, AWACs in air giving me directions, and a Falcon sort of appeared in the middle of my turning fight and I might have accidently murdered them. I was doing really well before that. I disconnected in shame, after apologizing… Sorry ‘Tailpipe…’, I’ll be more careful in the future. :crying_cat_face:

Question: Don’t your own side F-16’s appear on the SA then? I thought they did…

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