Huey formation training

The Black Angels group have been teaching me to fly Hueys three evenings a week for two months. Also two much needed one to one sessions. During formation training the back of the gaggle is the hardest. Mistakes up front are magnified by the time they work their way to the back of the group. its where I and the newbies are relegated.

I must be getting better. I was number 4 in a huge gaggle doing staggered left, echelon left, echelon right and trail formation changes. Starting at 300’ and working down to 50’. I survived. But it is easier nearer the front.

View from the instructor (at the back)

Lead Instructors view


And on arrival a few close ups of the ‘scoop’ skin they gave me

Returning to base. Fourth dot is me


love the skin @Scoop

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Wow @Scoop, it looks like you found the right group. I’ve been on their discord and they do seem like a friendly and open bunch, even taking the time to translate German to English to keep everyone in the loop.


We spoke English as usual. An extra frequency was allocated to a new Russian who had neither language. The 2nd frequency had a running translation and instruction in Russian by a Belorussian while they also listend to the lead aircrafts commands on box 1 so he did not feel left out.


I could possibly of been some help there

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You have an invite as do all. First half of the evenings (Tue and Thur) is Huey training, then mission practice getting shot at. Any helicopter permitted. A range of missions from Vietnam style to …

Formation landing in a confined space has new meaning


In three months, when the instructors were not there they once got carried away speaking German. Next day I had apologies from all the folk involved. Given my German is limited to beer, food, phrases to chat up girls and certain military commands I felt bad that they felt the need to apologise. I had enjoyed myself.


THAT is a great group! I flew nearly an hour with Grizzly in the right seat giving me dual. Fantastic fun and I learned a lot. The Black Angels could not be more kind and patient. After the training we moved to the combat server using the Syria map. Grizzly offered to have another English speaking noob join us in a 3rd Gazelle. But the player didn’t have the Syria map. Grizzly kindly set up another server just for the two of them to fly and left me and ten of his German buddies behind to have fun without him. Makes me wish I was a nicer guy!

Thanks for the intel @Scoop


You missed lesson 1 autorotation tonight. Main fuel cock off followed by lots of work and stress


And ironically autos are something I’ve been practicing all week, mainly in X-Plane. Sorry I missed it.


I expect it is going to feature regularly. 80kt. Fuel off. Stick back + collective down + right pedal + speed 70kt + watch rotor rpm stays in green. Flare hard at 50’


Pretty much works for the R22 as well.

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I know that’s a big list, but it seems relatively straiggt forward. Is there any room to manoeuvre or is it a straight glide in with little or no turning

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I land straight ahead with racing heart and perspiration. Grizzly keeps the cool instructional patter going does a number of turns and lands on the centre line from downwind without damage. Generally I am Cat V or Cat III damage so far.

Cracked it. And flew the helo afterwards!

The bad news is that my collective went astray in Moscow and tracking is not working. However it is now being processed by Customs in UK. Upside down the collective looks (also the view of my Huey after landing)


Tracking is now working. It might arrive tomorrow and I get to taste a Russian box.

EMS delivery from Москвы


British Post

Processing in United Kingdom

07 April 2021, 11:21 , United Kingdom

Passed registration in United Kingdom

07 April 2021, 10:54 GBCVTA, United Kingdom

Handed over to United Kingdom for further delivery

06 April 2021, 18:54 LON, United Kingdom

Russian Post

Released from Russia

06 April 2021, 07:55 , Rossiya

Prepared for shipment from Russia

06 April 2021, 07:54 104007, Rossiya

Released by custom house

03 April 2021, 12:02 130980, Rossiya

Handed over to the customs

03 April 2021, 12:01 130980, Rossiya

Arrived at the customs of Russia

03 April 2021, 10:38 130980, Rossiya

Arrived at the local distribution center

03 April 2021, 10:38 130980, Rossiya

Departed from local distribution center

03 April 2021, 03:24 102975, Sharapovo

Arrived at the local distribution center

03 April 2021, 03:20 102975, Sharapovo

Departed from local distribution center

02 April 2021, 21:05 111950, Moskva

Arrived at the local distribution center

02 April 2021, 17:02 111950, Moskva

Sorting complete

02 April 2021, 15:45 125480, Moskva

Arrived at the Post office

02 April 2021, 11:44 125480, Moskva

EMS delivery3 kg 82 g

From: Mixail S.

To: Andrew S.


@Scoop here are the videos I mentioned with the whole 229th battalion on a mission

That’s the first one of 3 video’s capturing the event