HUMVEE Special Delivery

Evidently the USAF is helping the Army with disposing of surplus equipment. Guess they heard Amazon was experimenting with drone, doorstep delivery, and decided to do them one better.

Drop that beat like an ugly baby… err car.


Well, at least it wasn’t one of the new JLTVs.

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I don’t see what the problem is with the drop? It hit the ground didn’t it?


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It’s supposed to arrive assembled. Instructions aren’t included for assembly!

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Allow me to provide a reenactment of what I think happened.


Sounds like the green light came on a bit early… Jeeeez!!

Wow…[shaking my head]…just wow…that’s a lot of our (US residents) tax dollars going “poof”.

Yep…I’m pretty sure that’s it exactly. :laughing:

I thought that unless the pilots were making jump run at 300 knots, that seemed like an inordinate amount of bad rigging.

Saw that in May when they found him guilty. IIRC he was at least 28 years old and not some dumb 18 or 19 year old kid that did it.


His Dad probably worked for Land Rover.