Hurricane - 303 Squadron

Completely missed first trailer from 5 months ago, but a new one was released:


Polish guys know how to live! :slight_smile:


“Sorry to drop in like that, come here often?” :smile:


I don’t think he needed a pickup line. :slight_smile: With my intellect I probably would’ve said, “How you doin’?”. :smiley: Chicks dig it.

Have you seen this movie? Worth a watch before Hurricane I would say

Here’s more grounded version of 303 squadron involvement. They were heroes, but at the end of the war they were betrayed by the Allies who at the time wanted to suck up to Stalin who despised Polish nation. Sad but true …

They were featured in 1969 film Battle of Britain. This scene always puts a smile on my face :wink:

and this one

Seems like getting shot down over England was equallly dangerous for Luftwaffe and Polish RAF pilots alike.

I would also recommend the book A Question of Honor by Lynne Olson on this subject. Some of my Polish friends can still get quite worked up about this. And, having read the book, I can understand.

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So Ramsay is flying a Hurricane? There will be chute killing, I guess.

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Skip ahead to 15 secs…its topical.

When I was stationed in the UK I was a member of the RAF Brampton Officers Mess. On a Battle of Britain formal mess night, the guest speaker was “one of the few”; flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain. It was one of the best speeches I ever heard. It essentially consisted of

“I got airborne. I got Gerry in my sights. I squeezed the butting and bits’started flying off him.”

To hear it from a guy that lived it while sipping an after diner aperitif of Glenlivet 18… priceless. :sunglasses: