Hurricane Matthew

Hey @BeachAV8R can you do a quick “How to read that” and maybe why that one is significant…Just don’t know that stuff…

If its easier to post a link that explains it that’s cool too…

Basically the winds are showing from 050 @ 15 gusting to 22 kts changing to from 360 @ 80 gusting to 100 kts. Rain showers throughout with the ceiling going from 15k broken down to 600 ft broken, all over a one hour period. Visibility goes from more than 6 statute miles down to 1 statute mile.


Sure…that is a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)…which covers the next 24 hours of weather from the issuance time.
KMLB = ICAO ID for Melbourne, FL
061120Z is the date/time stamp 0612/0712 is the forecast period (06 day 1200Z to 07 day 1200Z) for which the prevailing condition will be winds 050 at 12 kts., 6 miles vis, few clouds at 2,000, scattered layer at 7,000 and broken level at 20,000.

Then the FM are just indicating predicated weather change periods:

FM06 (day) at 1400Z (starting at 10AM) winds 050 at 15 gusting 22, 6 miles, VCSH is showers in vicinity, 2,500 scattered clouds, 15,000 broken.

And so on…

SHRA is showers and rain (+ indicates heavy)

The kicker in that forecast is the Day 07 (7th of Oct at 1100Z or 0700 eastern) winds 360 at 80 gusts to 100… fun stuff!

Lake Worth Buoy Pretty much across from the buoy that @BeachAV8R posted but on the mainland of Florida.

Station LKWF1 - 8722670 - Lake Worth Pier

Lake Worth Inlet Webcam
(More cams and video in the link)

(Data and pictures current at time of posting)

I don’t mean this in a preachy way, but it’s fascinating with the amount and variety of different media types that are open source and available that this hurricane has basically become a spectator’s sport.

The real tragedy here:

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been canceled for Thursday, October 6, 2016 and Friday, October 7, 2016 due to inclement weather associated with Hurricane Matthew.


Hurricane Hunter aircraft track…too bad overlaying radar requires premium access…


Now that is a job I’d love to see recreated in X-Plane or FS3D. Special Air Hauler mode?


Better link for Hurricane Hunter that will show you the radar overlay…

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They need a webcam on that plane lol




Thanks got to be a bumpy ride. Am I seeing FL 100 at 219 kt?


Yeah…barf bags all around…

Hopefully those dudes are of the mindset “A shitty day flying is better than any day chained to a desk.”

Looks exciting out there…

Buoy is now up to 92 mph gusts…woot…Americas Cup time!

Looks pretty well organized still…


If you close your eyes when Jim Cantore is talking…you can almost imagine it is Hawkeye Pierce talking…