Hurricane Matthew

This is a pretty neat bit of data from a buoy that the eye of hurricane Matthew passed over. Interesting to see the wind shift and velocity drop and pick back up again…


Can X-Plane simulate hurricane flying conditions for C-130 type missions?

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I don’t know - I suppose it it gets the winds aloft from a good source, it should be able to. But I can guarantee it won’t depict the rain and clouds correctly. There won’t be enough ICAO stations that could build that type of picture and X-Plane is horrible at depicting thunderstorms anyway.

Bummer. There was a View it, Do it in there somewhere.

Well…I just got called to be on standby tomorrow (I was supposed to be off) in case we go about evacuating patients from the coastal areas. So maybe we can get a real View It - Do It…next weekend…LOL

That’s really cool! Ought to check the data from that same buoy later to see if it tails off similarly to how it ramps up! :smile:

I have seen Hurricane Matthew hit the ED forums a few times :smiley:

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Here is the expanded data for that buoy…

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Looks like the airlift has begun…

Looks like a very long day Chris. Hope things go smoothly for you and the rest of the crew. Watched SC Gov Nikki Haley discuss evacuation plans for CHS and Georgetown this morning and worrying about the brewery in North Charleston. We have a demo team there this morning tearing out our production floor in order to level install drains, and they are not leaving yet. My brother, who is onsite, says that generators and bottled water sold out yesterday.

Hope you all stay safe!

Ugh, this is shaping up to be another Floyd. Stay safe there!

Cessna 182 vs. Matthew. Pretty funny…(wish he had recorded it in daylight just using the same wx…)

Atleast tropical storm Nicole seems to be kinda stalled right now.

Now that is has passed Cuba…it looks like the north side of that storm is blowing up. If the convection really takes off…it could be something… My brother’s family in Myrtle Beach is staying for now. Tried to get him to come here… Guess I’ll have to have a plane on standby… :smiley: :cloud_lightning: :cloud_rain: :wind_blowing_face: :airplane_small:

Category 4 now. Looks like it is gonna rake along the east coast of FL and GA…man…that could get really ugly…

Next buoy to watch:

“He’s just a poor buoy, nobody love him…” Hmm, you need the comedy English accent for this one…

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There’s a forecast you don’t see too often…might need an alternate…


Boy that pressure drop, down to 29.50

Also I see Nicole has been upgraded to a Cat 1 Hurricane.