Hyperlinking useless information

Yes. I’m getting old and grumpy. So I read quite a few aviation/military content sites and the trend has been to hyperlink every other sentence with content that actually isn’t even related to the content being discussed. Usually, the link is tenuous at best, but it really makes for annoying reading. Every once in awhile I optimistically click an embedded link in a story thinking it just might (for once) lead me to further information pertinent to the article…but usually it just takes me to some other article that is several Bacon Numbers away from what I was reading. (See what I’m doing here?)

The only thing worse are the sites that render all of my Firefox tabs inoperable because they are loading multiple streaming videos ads, that sometimes play on top of each other, but generally just kill my browser as it struggles to deal with the crap being shoved down it’s bandwidth pie hole. For example…check out these three videos that are trying to load on the sidebar of The Aviationist site…which I generally like, but am considering ad blocking because they kill my browser sessions frequently. Ugh…

OK. I feel better. Of course, the only worse thing than all the above are idiots that embed gifs in every message…

Carry on.



Oh, hate that. I always think my browser is infected when I read such articles. Dirty, filthsy websites! For demented people, high on cocaine!




You can never get too much Hoff though.

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Ok then, let me Hoffjack this thread…


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Remember the awesome Steel Beasts Knight Rider video…? Really well done…

I have so many logistical follow-up questions on that clip…